Black The Ripper – The Edmonton Dream (artwork & tracklist)

60 tracks, Yes..60 of the best you’ve heard to date from Edmonton’s finest, Black The Ripper aka Samson.

Let me explain how big this is, I am more excited about this release (28th December) than I am for Christmas itself.

01. Afro Samurai (Intro) [Prod. Goodchild]
02. Edmonton Remix (Feat. Sheriff & TD)
03. My Minds Battle
04. My Destiny [Prod. SRC]
05. All I Need (Feat. Remson)
06. Holla Black
07. Midnight Love [Prod. Flava D]
08. Not Enuff Time (Feat. Special K) [Prod. By God Knows]
09. Missing You (Feat. Chantelle) [Prod. Cutta Boi]
10. Hey Lover (Feat. Ironik & McLean)
11. My Lyrics Are Forever [Prod. Smasher]
12. Are You Stupid [Prod. Rudekid]
13. Bait Faces (Feat. Cookie & Chipmunk) [Prod. Ironik]
14. Face Your Fears (Feat. Wiley)
15. Swear Down (Feat. Jeeday Jawz & Fiyah)
16. Allow It [Prod. Maniac]
17. Real On Road (Feat. Invincible) [Prod. Samplethief]
18. Last Of A Dying Breed [Prod. By K-Nite]
19. Stuck In Hell [Prod. MSM]
20. Bars Galore (Feat. Chipmunk & Cookie) [Prod. Maniac]
21. Can’t Control It [Prod. Goodchild]
22. Life Is Hard (Feat. Discreet) [Prod. Thology]
23. Look Around (Feat. Cookie)
24. Headbuss (Feat. Mclean) [Prod. D-el]
25. Floating [Prod. Goodchild]
26. Roads Are Rough (Fea. Natch) [Prod. Thology]
27. Still Don’t Give A Shit (Feat. Remson) [Prod. Skillz]
28. Turn The Lights Off [Prod. Scratcha DVA]
29. In My Mind [Prod. K-Nite]
30. Rock The Boat [Prod. War Dot]
31. Pack My Bags And Leave [Prod. MSM]
32. Underestimated [Prod. Goodchild]
33. I Just Wanna Love You (Feat. Special K)
34. Righteous Freestyle [Prod. K-Nite]
35. Still Not Loving Police (Feat. Cookie, Dimples & Frisco) [Prod. Wizzy Wow]
36. Weedman (Feat. Dimples) [Prod. Dexplicit]
37. Bars (Feat. Rayman & Freezin) [Prod. Gyles]
38. Words Of Wisdom [Prod. Goodchild]
39. Ride Or Die Remix (Feat. Ironik & Chipmunk [Prod. Ironik]
40. Rinse Out [Prod. JME]
41. Black [Prod. Goodchild]
42. Definately (Feat. Onyx) [Prod. Evo]
43. Fireing Freestyle [Prod. Ratchet]
44. Self Explanatory [Prod. Mega]
45. MMV Intro (Feat. Chipmunk & Cookie)
46. It’s Bedtime [Prod. Skillz]
47. Black Is Beautiful (Intro)
48. Wow [Prod. Dexplicit]
49. Get Money [Prod. Wizzy Wow & Blay-Z]
50. Lyrical Showcase (Feat. Trigz, Remson, Mercenary & Dynamic)
51. Poverty Poetry (Feat. Remson)
52. We Had A Good Thing
53. Ain’t Nothing Wrong (Feat. Cookie) [Prod. Gunja Man]
54. Focus (Feat. Chipmunk & Cookie) [Prod. Maniac]
55. All The Way From Heaven (Feat. Rhymestein) [Prod. Bond] [Unreleased]
56. Sextacy (Feat. Remson & Special K)
57. Can’t Believe (Prod. Nocturnal)
58. Time After Time (Feat. Ryhmestein) [Prod. XO]
59. Black & Tank (Feat. Tank) [Prod. Lewi White] [Unreleased]
60. Let Out My Pain [Prod. Bully]

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One thought on “Black The Ripper – The Edmonton Dream (artwork & tracklist)

  1. Grimlin says:

    Tooooooooooooooooo sick!

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