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Whatever the fuck this is – DOE edition

In place of the fourth volume, here’s an exclusive, featuring some scenes from Black The Ripper’s recent Dank of England pop-up store, in Southampton. The event was a peaceful and fun exhibit of the potential this movement brings. Amidst the diverse crowd, I had locals approach me and applaud us for the turn-out but also commend us for the excitement we brought to the area. Thank you to all those that turned up, cooperated and most of all, enjoyed. Peace!

Special thanks to Black, Screech & Liam. Lucid and Nousha Lounge in Southampton. For info on up and coming events, stay tuned to the socials.


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XX17 Spotify Playlist

With us closer to the end of the year, I’ve curated another playlist, this time a selection of some of the best and underrated Hip-Hop, Grime, Alternative and R&B tracks of the year, thus far. The playlist hosts American, British and French tracks, that varies in tempo and style, featuring the likes of Giggs, PartyNextDoor, Post Malone, Wale, Sampha, Toro Y Moi & many more..

[Click the image]




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No Hats No Trainers Cypher 2

After the success of the first edition, No Hats No Trainers bring you the the 2nd Cypher, this time featuring Dot Rotten, Calibar, Black The Ripper & Mz Bratt.

Dot Rotten kicked it off flawlessly, portraying his mind through lyrics effortlessly,

Calibar, one of the most underrated rappers in the UK, made no mistakes with this effort, balancing reality and his style with a smooth delivery,

Black The Ripper, considered by many a “potential legend in the game”, delivers another reality check with the upmost of confidence.

Mz Bratt took a stride over a lot of the male emcees with this cypher, personally i expected it, this leading lady spun a few heads with the content easily.

What i like about this cypher is that i don’t believe this was anybody’s best, but then i know their potentials, but without a doubt a great effort from each artist.

UK Stand Up!

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Black The Ripper – The Edmonton Dream (artwork & tracklist)

60 tracks, Yes..60 of the best you’ve heard to date from Edmonton’s finest, Black The Ripper aka Samson.

Let me explain how big this is, I am more excited about this release (28th December) than I am for Christmas itself.

01. Afro Samurai (Intro) [Prod. Goodchild]
02. Edmonton Remix (Feat. Sheriff & TD)
03. My Minds Battle
04. My Destiny [Prod. SRC]
05. All I Need (Feat. Remson)
06. Holla Black
07. Midnight Love [Prod. Flava D]
08. Not Enuff Time (Feat. Special K) [Prod. By God Knows]
09. Missing You (Feat. Chantelle) [Prod. Cutta Boi]
10. Hey Lover (Feat. Ironik & McLean)
11. My Lyrics Are Forever [Prod. Smasher]
12. Are You Stupid [Prod. Rudekid]
13. Bait Faces (Feat. Cookie & Chipmunk) [Prod. Ironik]
14. Face Your Fears (Feat. Wiley)
15. Swear Down (Feat. Jeeday Jawz & Fiyah)
16. Allow It [Prod. Maniac]
17. Real On Road (Feat. Invincible) [Prod. Samplethief]
18. Last Of A Dying Breed [Prod. By K-Nite]
19. Stuck In Hell [Prod. MSM]
20. Bars Galore (Feat. Chipmunk & Cookie) [Prod. Maniac]
21. Can’t Control It [Prod. Goodchild]
22. Life Is Hard (Feat. Discreet) [Prod. Thology]
23. Look Around (Feat. Cookie)
24. Headbuss (Feat. Mclean) [Prod. D-el]
25. Floating [Prod. Goodchild]
26. Roads Are Rough (Fea. Natch) [Prod. Thology]
27. Still Don’t Give A Shit (Feat. Remson) [Prod. Skillz]
28. Turn The Lights Off [Prod. Scratcha DVA]
29. In My Mind [Prod. K-Nite]
30. Rock The Boat [Prod. War Dot]
31. Pack My Bags And Leave [Prod. MSM]
32. Underestimated [Prod. Goodchild]
33. I Just Wanna Love You (Feat. Special K)
34. Righteous Freestyle [Prod. K-Nite]
35. Still Not Loving Police (Feat. Cookie, Dimples & Frisco) [Prod. Wizzy Wow]
36. Weedman (Feat. Dimples) [Prod. Dexplicit]
37. Bars (Feat. Rayman & Freezin) [Prod. Gyles]
38. Words Of Wisdom [Prod. Goodchild]
39. Ride Or Die Remix (Feat. Ironik & Chipmunk [Prod. Ironik]
40. Rinse Out [Prod. JME]
41. Black [Prod. Goodchild]
42. Definately (Feat. Onyx) [Prod. Evo]
43. Fireing Freestyle [Prod. Ratchet]
44. Self Explanatory [Prod. Mega]
45. MMV Intro (Feat. Chipmunk & Cookie)
46. It’s Bedtime [Prod. Skillz]
47. Black Is Beautiful (Intro)
48. Wow [Prod. Dexplicit]
49. Get Money [Prod. Wizzy Wow & Blay-Z]
50. Lyrical Showcase (Feat. Trigz, Remson, Mercenary & Dynamic)
51. Poverty Poetry (Feat. Remson)
52. We Had A Good Thing
53. Ain’t Nothing Wrong (Feat. Cookie) [Prod. Gunja Man]
54. Focus (Feat. Chipmunk & Cookie) [Prod. Maniac]
55. All The Way From Heaven (Feat. Rhymestein) [Prod. Bond] [Unreleased]
56. Sextacy (Feat. Remson & Special K)
57. Can’t Believe (Prod. Nocturnal)
58. Time After Time (Feat. Ryhmestein) [Prod. XO]
59. Black & Tank (Feat. Tank) [Prod. Lewi White] [Unreleased]
60. Let Out My Pain [Prod. Bully]

click image to pre-order The Edmonton Dream (via Amazon)

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Black The Ripper Vs Jammer

Okay, so I’m tweeting away to the new followers and in coversation with some artists, when one of the artists Re-Tweets (RT) something, it was from @BlackTheRipper, if you don’t know who he is, then get to know, he is one of the most naturally gifted artists, coming out of North London, he has a style of his own, he can do Grime but pours more soul into Hip-Hop, he is definitely one to keep an ear out for, anyway, he retweets this:

Even fellow emcee Voltage saw what was about to happen..

Now, it could have ended there, however, Jammer responded, I can go into detail but you might as well check out their Twitters for yourself: (just click their names)

Black The Ripper

What is interesting about this, is that it pretty much stemmed from nowhere and now Black The Ripper aka Samson has even written a whole song to end his career before he even responded back on Twitter (quite funny if you think about it), everybody knows that Jammer is a different style of artist compared to Samson, so why there is talk of them being paired up at the legendary Lord Of The Mics3 (LOTM3), an event which recently had rising emcees Maxsta and Double S going against each other for a (now cancelled) emcee battle at LOTM3. This situation between Jammer and Black The Ripper, really makes no sense to me, because lyrically and delivery wise, Black The Ripper is one of the best in the country, his street cred is no weaker as nobody really has any issues and if they do they keep it to themselves, as much as I love the positivity that has been shown, this will provide much needed entertainment, its no Jay-Z V Nas but it has the possibility of becoming quite the talk as the likes of Lethal Bizzle and Griminal have all had issues with Jammer in the past, so who knows what comes of this, Will Jammer’s Boy Better Know comrades step in, or will this just be a pointless twitter squabble that will just simmer down and end as a laugh for all.

Look out for more to come on this, it could be quite the spectacle.

I would like to add, I am excited to see a clash but only in the musical sense, I want to see competition so long as it stays in music.

Black The Ripper aka Samson VS Jammer aka Murkleman

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Black The Ripper – My Lyrics are Forever

During a recent trip to New York, I asked the locals which artists in the UK they knew about, I wanted if they have the same exposure that we have of their artists. The majority knew of Tim Westwood and used words to describe him that I can’t really say but you get the point, Dizzee Rascal it seems is the most famous prospect over there, I was hoping someone would say Wretch 32 or Ghetts, however that was not the case, for ages we have had Hip-Hop dedicated radio shows, our own awards ceremony ‘the Brits’ and ‘Mobo’ give out awards to more overseas artists than homegrown, the likes of Tinchy Stryder(that was before the recent awards) Ndubz and Chipmunk are changing that I agree, however if we can know about the likes of Currency, Wiz Khalifa and Slaughterhouse here in the UK then why do they not know of our talent?

There are a few reasons, their population is far larger which means more rappers, so everybody is too busy following what is ‘hot’ rather than having a real passion and allowing themselves to be naturaly inspired by a wide variety of influences. The Duo of Mega and Mayhem, better known as SAS were another name I heared a fair bit, could be due to their once affiliation with Dipset and Rocafella records, or just the fact that they have put the work in over there.

This article/review is to silence anyone who argues that the UK does not possess the talent or the fact that it is because of our dialect, as Americans have a different accent to us yet for years we have been listening and supporting.

After hearing this track, I felt the same feeling that I would get from listening to Wu-Tang, or even Rakim, Black the Ripper aka Samson takes it back, the production is Hip-Hop, it possesses the feeling of a classic, the potential is amazing, A real music fan anywhere in the world can appreciate this, Black the Ripper is talented and is clearly not phased by the problems many face to progress into mainstream, he celebrates the idea of being underground, using the internet to reach his audiences, he has come a long way through his own hard work and ambition, expect to hear a lot more of this artist because real talent can never be denied!

Fáris Rating:

Click Image to visit his Official Myspace page, listen to more and see new videos from the highly talented emcee

Click Image to visit his Official Myspace page, listen to more and see new videos from the highly talented emcee

Over 1 Million myspace views!!

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