WizzyWow & Tippaly – Baileys & Passports (preview)

One of the finest producers in the UK, Wizzy Wow is following up the success of his solo effort Dr Wizzy Love with this duet mixtape featuring and for many introducing Tippaly.

WizzyWow and Tippaly presents: Baileys & Passports, is a concept mixtape, with the two offering their own spins on some of your favourite tracks, if they were not you favourite before, they will be now.

This is an exclusive preview of the full-length mixtape which will be available as a FREE download on 01.01.10 ..so download this taster and hear for yourself:

Click cover to download the FREE preview

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One thought on “WizzyWow & Tippaly – Baileys & Passports (preview)

  1. Aurora says:

    I fink it’s gonna sound g8er than gr8 😀

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