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Wizzy Wow X Big Zeeks – Freequently

Wizzy Wow is no stranger to vibes, having produced so many for a variety of UK acts, so this time he links up with up and comer Big Zeeks for this new one

This should have dropped pre-summer, it’s definitely got that feel to it, but regardless, Zeeks’ catchy flow fits perfectly on this Wizzy Wow & Prince Galalie production. It’s one of those tracks, where if it was a more known act, it would find itself on radio rotation and in every club DJs mix, so I hope people definitely take to it like it deserves. Wizzy has been around for a while now, and continues to experiment with sound and styles, whilst Zeeks is one the rise with a recent string of underground hits, so it’s great to see the two link up and create something as cool.

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RNC – All Out ft. Tippa Dior & Wizzy Wow

Newcomer RNC gets quite the introduction, as the Tottenham rapper links up with Wizzy Wow, who handles the hook duties as well as providing the catchy synth-heavy production. All Out also reunites us with the underrated Tippa Dior, as the trip state their ambitions..

RNC with his vocal presence looks to establish himself, with this boasy cut, whilst Tippa flexes his lyrical prowess, neatly structured with the infectious Wizzy Wow chorus. The production alone really sets this track apart from most tracks, something Wizzy is no stranger to, and allows RNC to drop a lil’ fly flow with the pyrex raps. They should definitely stay working together, as the three compliment each other with their styles and sounds.

Tottenham continues to flourish, with an array of talent already out and more to come, with these guys up there in the mix of whats hot.

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Knucks x Wizzy Wow – Cannes

“been losing friends..just like I been losing pens, only difference is my pens always write/right before they tend to go..”

Since his breakthrough track, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, the young artist Knucks has been looking to further cement himself as one to watch, with his latest offering, the Wizzy Wow collab, Cannes.

Whilst Knucks emerges as a newcomer, he links up with one of our pioneer producers, Wizzy Wow, who puts together this wavy production, which makes the work that much easier, suitable for Knucks’ laid back flow. Wizzy Wow brings more than just beats to the table, and together they share a vibe out in the city the track is titled after, enjoying the scenery and air that inspired the vibe overall. I’m aware that the two have more heat tucked away, and Wizz has the ability to orchestrate around an artist, so most definitely looking to hear more from the two.


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Dice FrSH – Gucci Belt ft. G-FrSH

Although many have not heard of Dice FrSH, this tune will definitely change that, featuring G-FrSH and produced by UK’s soon to be superproducer Wizzy Wow, Gucci Belt is set to take the lavish trend to a whole new level with everyone wanting to get themselves a Gucci Belt to rock to this.

Dice FrSH brags effortlessly over this Wizzy Wow banger, the beat consists of a Indian tabla-sounding drum, cleverly aligned with a consistent rimshot smothered by the intense synth pattern, an almost signature from the North London producer. Dice goes in, although the title suggests differently, this track is more than just a dedication to a belt, it is the track for the lifestyle. What I like best about Gucci Belt is the fact that you do not know what to expect, the beat is unique, Dice’s voice sounds new to ear which is always refreshing when it comes to music and G-FrSH’s flow was so unexpected, yet good, he always seems to impress me even more everytime i hear him.

Gucci Belt, along with the soon to come video, will be a big track for the summer, with many underground tracks considered negative and encouraging violence, this is proof that it is not the case, this is an underground club smash!!

Fáris Rating:

Click the logo to visit the site

Click the logo to visit the site

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WizzyWow & Tippaly – Baileys & Passports (preview)

One of the finest producers in the UK, Wizzy Wow is following up the success of his solo effort Dr Wizzy Love with this duet mixtape featuring and for many introducing Tippaly.

WizzyWow and Tippaly presents: Baileys & Passports, is a concept mixtape, with the two offering their own spins on some of your favourite tracks, if they were not you favourite before, they will be now.

This is an exclusive preview of the full-length mixtape which will be available as a FREE download on 01.01.10 ..so download this taster and hear for yourself:

Click cover to download the FREE preview

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13 – My Heart Keeps Crying

13 reached out to me and I am glad he did, this is not bad, it has definitely grown on me, but more so it has me wanting to hear more, for those that feel the same, check out his myspace: http://www.myspace.com/13musicworld

I like the fact that his voice is different, it helps him stand out, it is really current, which makes it appealing for a wider audience, so good that Chipmunk had to jump on the remix:

The chorus is really catchy, produced by Mr Wizzy Wow, this will no doubt continue to grow as 13 makes his mark in the music industry.

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Mr Wizzy Wow

When I hear a new track and I hear the trademark “Mr Wizzy Wow“, I know the track is going to be good, for years the young producer and artist has been providing us with outstanding beats, from the movement classic ‘Used To Be’ to Wretch 32’s ‘Be Cool’, the man formerly known as Y.Wizz is one of the top producers in the country, now he steps out as artist too, this track titled ‘Million ft. Wretch 32’ is a perfect example of what this talent is about, new, innovative and the definition of fresh.

Wizzy Wow
, Born in Sweden, lived in Luton for over 2 years before finding home in Tiverton (Tottenham) North London. “Repping the UK hard”, Wizzy produces for all genres as he ascends in a bid to, “reach the top to put his peoples on”, When asked to describe his sound in one word, the hitmaker simply replied, “Spacey”.

Expect to hear more from the out of this word talent.

Wretch 32 – Used To Be ft. Mercston, Ghetto & Scorcher

Wretch 32 – Be Cool ft. Wizzy Wow


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Wizzy Wow – Complicated

People, check out Mr Wizzy Wow’s myspace to hear ‘Complicated’, I heard a little bit of this tune in the background of one of Scorcher’s blogs and been waiting to hear this since, the potential of this track is crazy!!

While your there, make sure you listen to Saviour, infact, hear them all, get to know who he is, because Wizzy Wow is a strong brick in the foundations of our rising music scene!! Mr Space-Boy Fly himself, who produced and is featured on Wretch 32’s hit ‘Be Cool’, is a talented producer and artist and big things are expected, If you want to know what the scene will sound like in the future?..just listen to his present work.

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