Chase N Cashe – Prozac

With production on Troy Ave – Your Style, Mr Cha-Ching himself, Chase N Cash has the summer (as they say), but showing no signs of slowing down, we get this ode to Detroit, in the form of visuals for the motivational Prozac.

Even in those ’94 Nike Zoom Turfs, you could not mirror his steps, as the young producer, transitioned into an artist & movement, with Crown Bearer records rightfully represented. I like the D town love, many relate to the struggle, and in such a city, there is still so much beauty and spirit, nicely displayed. The beat is catchy, with the choice of sounds used, especially with the drums, they’re soft yet impactful, it’s well composed. The flow is wavy, this track is quality, cool personified, and there is a sense of proudness as I watch the video, knowing how far Chase has come.

Prozac is one scale of the spectrum for the Surf Club alumni, when it comes to his versatility and ability even, until his next project however, you can check out his previous mixtape, HeirWaves.

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One thought on “Chase N Cashe – Prozac

  1. […] another important impactful record, similar to the previous cuts like iRevolutionary, and Prozac. Though you can always expect quality production from the Crown Bearer, in particular, it’s […]

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