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Chase N Cashe – Prozac

With production on Troy Ave – Your Style, Mr Cha-Ching himself, Chase N Cash has the summer (as they say), but showing no signs of slowing down, we get this ode to Detroit, in the form of visuals for the motivational Prozac.

Even in those ’94 Nike Zoom Turfs, you could not mirror his steps, as the young producer, transitioned into an artist & movement, with Crown Bearer records rightfully represented. I like the D town love, many relate to the struggle, and in such a city, there is still so much beauty and spirit, nicely displayed. The beat is catchy, with the choice of sounds used, especially with the drums, they’re soft yet impactful, it’s well composed. The flow is wavy, this track is quality, cool personified, and there is a sense of proudness as I watch the video, knowing how far Chase has come.

Prozac is one scale of the spectrum for the Surf Club alumni, when it comes to his versatility and ability even, until his next project however, you can check out his previous mixtape, HeirWaves.

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Wale – Ice and Rain (Produced by Cool & Dre)

DC’s Wale is undoubtley one for the future, with a lyrical style reminiscent of an illmatic Nas, he found his breakthrough with the success of his hit Nike Boots, currently charting with his new single Chillin ft. Lady Gaga. Wale (pronounced Wa-lay) recently inked a deal with Jay-Z’s ROC Nation label with his debut album ‘Attention Deficit’ to be released soon.

This Cool & Dre produced track is reminiscent to his critically acclaimed Family Affair, consisting of the similarly deep and meaninful story-telling ability that Wale possesses, Ice and Rain is rumoured to be a left-over track from his album’s final cut, hopefully this is not the case as it really is a special track, it has an epic emotion in intwined with the beat, creating a canvas for Wale to paint his lyrical picture, this song could do a lot for Wale, I feel that the topic might not be appreciated by every listener and that becomes a problem, mainstream audiences today prefer to invest in feel-good dance songs, Black Eyed Peas being a testament to that, However with ROC Nation, as Jay-Z attempts to push Hip-Hop back into the mainstream fold, in time could prove beneficial for an artist of Wale’s stature.

Look out for more Wale as he along with Kid Cudi, Drake and Asher Roth, lead the new school Hip-Hop revolution.

Wale - Rhyme spitter, Trend Setter and considered Leader of the New School

Wale – Rhyme spitter, Trend Setter and considered Leader of the New School

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Thy Maryan – Energize

I am excited to present this one to you, this is the official place to hear the exclusive ‘Energize’, Thy Maryan is an up and coming producer, most known for producing for G-FrSH (tracks such as Do It and Urgh).

As artists struggle to breakthrough in this country, we forget that producers too face similar difficulties, seriously a producer of Thy Maryan’s ability should be far more in demand and recognizable than he currently is, his versatility means his level of creativity has no boundaries, all his songs will not sound the same, but one thing is for sure..they will sound good.

Energize, an up-tempo number, with chart climbing potential, Thy’s arrangement of the pacey melody blends nicely with the varying beat pattern, these variations help keep the track flowing (allowing this kind of variation prevents the track from becoming repetative), as the focus remains on Thy Maryan it would not be fair to comment on the vocals, although I will bring you more on that soon. Thy Maryan for me is one those producers who understands music and understands the fine line between making what they (the producer) like and what the audiences like to hear, that understanding allows him to create something like Energize, a track that conforms to what the audience likes to hear yet stands out as unique, like a pair of Nike iDs, the shape is the same, but the colour, contrast and detail is one of a kind, That is what Thy Maryan brings to producing with Energize to add to his collection.

Without a doubt, Thy Maryan possesses the ability to be one of the most successful producers from the UK, with a sound that appeals to a global audience, expect to read more reviews as I expect to hear more hits from the FrSH producer.

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