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Chase N. Cashe – All I Wanna do

The Heir returns, never not working, the talented producer has been on a strong run as an artist, and while a lot of the wave can get overlooked, especially when you’re one of the best producers out there, it’s hard to get the required support when you jump behind the mic, but not one to sit back, the New Orleans rep flows smooth over this equally wavy LewKaine production

Every time I started typing out a quote, he said something else even more fire, and that’s exactly what to expect from him, as this serves as an even better introduction into confident, clear-minded and ambitious talent that he is. It’s certainly one of my favourite tracks from him already.

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Chase N. Cashe – Hold Weight

Consistent as ever, the New Orleans talent gives us another video, this time for possibly one of his best songs to date, Hold Weight

I say one of is best, as it’s one to really capture his essence, if you follow him on social media, he is a promoter of positivity, a healthy lifestyle and all round motivation, and for most part that does not entirely transition through the music, albeit the content. This one sonically connects, it’s just got such a soft sound but hits hard, and really allows for his lyrical prowess to shine. One of the hardest working guys in the game, the producer/rapper is growing even closer to a defiant sound of his own, “mention cash, and they gotta bring the chase out, I’m with the real so they gotta kick the fake out..”, he effortlessly raps.

The visuals also compliment, with the red tone, life his vision through the lens of his designer frames. It’s simple but effective with the classic 911, less of a stunt and more of a motivational piece, things are certainly looking even brighter for the Crown Bearer.

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Chase N. Cashe – Major Priority

New Orleans is no short of talent, Master P, Lil’ Wayne and Curren$y, to name a few (and believe me there’s more), one in particular, is Chase N. Cashe.

If you’ve been following me for a while, then his name should be familiar to you, from his early production days as part of the Surf Club (with HitBoy), he is credited in creating waves for some of your favourites, more recent, he’s behind one Drake’s most personal records, Look What You’ve Done. Where many would take the backseat and coast, he’s investing in himself, his brand and his talent.

With a variety of projects to his name (such as HeirWaves), he continues to deliver his style of real rap, with his latest visual for Major Priority, it’s another important impactful record, similar to the previous cuts like iRevolutionary, and Prozac. Though you can always expect quality production from the Crown Bearer, in particular, it’s his lyrics to listen out for, with his positive energy and jewel dropping ways, he’s slowly but surely developing a solid fanbase, as he maintains his integrity, delivering new waves in the form of clothing, and more importantly music with substance.


Polyester The Saint – Grey Filas

If you thought LA’s current run was slowing, guess again. Ladies & Gentlemen, introducing, Polyester The Saint.

Now, this is by no way, his actual introduction, I’ve heard him prior, courtesy of collaborations with some of my favourite artists (Dom Kennedy, Freddie Gibbs), and (like his name) his verses stood out, leading on to hearing some of his own material, and initially it was evident potential, until last year, when I came across the wavy project, entitled ‘Pop, an acronym for “Passion • Obsession • Profession”. It featured this song, which was an instant hit as I had a pair, so it became a sort of anthem, Pop also featured another personal favourite 5-hunnid Benz. Throughout the project, he tackled the production with such originality whilst paying homage to the classic West Coast theme, I was impressed with the structure, and the overall wave.

Fast forward to now, I’m about to step outside, slipped my grey Fila ’96s on, happen to peer online and saw this new video, leading to me rinsing the internet on my phone, watching the video at every opportunity (Thus this review being written now, as I’ve just got back in, Filas still on). Directed by Andre 4k, he gives us a good balance with the artist being the focal point, whilst keeping the theme and vibe of the record accentuated.

“I’m yellin’ Thug Life..”

The record itself has such a southern flavour to it, Pimp C would be proud, with Pac feeling as satisfied with the West Coast soul that flows through. As usual, I have a remix in mind, I think musically it would work, if it were to feature Chase N Cashe, and the reasoning behind it, isn’t just that he’s also a dope musician on the rise, but because he too reps Fila, it would be a good look for the brand, for sure. There are a lot of people standing with their surfboards, hoping to catch onto a wave, then you have a player like Poleyster The Saint, who happens to have his own. If you like this, then definitely check out ‘Pop’, and be ready for the new project, due soon.

“Squares can’t keep up, I’m in the grey Filas..”

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Chase N Cashe – Prozac

With production on Troy Ave – Your Style, Mr Cha-Ching himself, Chase N Cash has the summer (as they say), but showing no signs of slowing down, we get this ode to Detroit, in the form of visuals for the motivational Prozac.

Even in those ’94 Nike Zoom Turfs, you could not mirror his steps, as the young producer, transitioned into an artist & movement, with Crown Bearer records rightfully represented. I like the D town love, many relate to the struggle, and in such a city, there is still so much beauty and spirit, nicely displayed. The beat is catchy, with the choice of sounds used, especially with the drums, they’re soft yet impactful, it’s well composed. The flow is wavy, this track is quality, cool personified, and there is a sense of proudness as I watch the video, knowing how far Chase has come.

Prozac is one scale of the spectrum for the Surf Club alumni, when it comes to his versatility and ability even, until his next project however, you can check out his previous mixtape, HeirWaves.

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