Chase N. Cashe – Major Priority

New Orleans is no short of talent, Master P, Lil’ Wayne and Curren$y, to name a few (and believe me there’s more), one in particular, is Chase N. Cashe.

If you’ve been following me for a while, then his name should be familiar to you, from his early production days as part of the Surf Club (with HitBoy), he is credited in creating waves for some of your favourites, more recent, he’s behind one Drake’s most personal records, Look What You’ve Done. Where many would take the backseat and coast, he’s investing in himself, his brand and his talent.

With a variety of projects to his name (such as HeirWaves), he continues to deliver his style of real rap, with his latest visual for Major Priority, it’s another important impactful record, similar to the previous cuts like iRevolutionary, and Prozac. Though you can always expect quality production from the Crown Bearer, in particular, it’s his lyrics to listen out for, with his positive energy and jewel dropping ways, he’s slowly but surely developing a solid fanbase, as he maintains his integrity, delivering new waves in the form of clothing, and more importantly music with substance.


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