Giggs – Landlord Tour

It’s been a long time coming. Over ten years to be exact. Most artists, get their music out, it connects with an audience, they turn up to see them perform, and a career elevates. Unfortunately, the Police had other ideas, continuously shutting down shows and still the Street’s Prophet has been battling the powers that be, and with the support of the fans, defying the adversity thrown in his way.

You cannot stop God’s plan. As the scene evolved, his position as one of our elites remained, and without needing to conform, we got to witness his own evolution, as the Landlord returned to rightfully claim his place. If you saw his pivotal London show, the energy transcended through the fucking video, the brotherhood of fellow elites such as Skepta and Kano, further aligned Giggs rightfully at the top, and with a quality album under his belt, he took the monumental show across the nation. Along with the featured acts, there was no trouble or negativity. Pure vibes and more than anything, justice, for the man with the pure soul, the Landlord, aka, Giggs.

For many this might not seem so major, but there have not been many (if any) ‘tours’ for our urban artists, tourbus, staging and all. It was great just to see them enjoying themselves, with no hassle. Shout out to SN1, Buck, Kyze, Big Ryde, the accompanying acts, the entire production team, from sound, stage down to lighting, and congratulations to Giggs for the (deserved) acclaim and Sold Out tour. It’s upwards from here on for the South London legend.

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