P Money – Real Talk (Dot Rotten Diss)

What’s a diss track without a reply?

Not long after Dot Rotten emerged with his send for P Money, the man himself returns fire..

Now whilst I was just pleased to hear Dot return to the mic, the lyrical disrespect clearly hit a nerve, as with the quickness, P Money put together the response, with the video too. And if you thought Dot Rotten got personal, well P took it that much further. At this point you have to remove any bias and watch the battle unfold, and it’s this exact energy upon which Grime has surfaced. Since it’s release, the people are clearly leaning towards P Money at the moment, but a good reply tends to trump the initial send most times. Personally, I have to admit, P Money’s response was impressive, but to me he came into the game through such dubs, so it’s a comfort zone for him if anything.

Dot has since commented on Social Media, but honestly, now the people are only interested in a replies. Although we just want to enjoy the competition, Jammer might want to put the funds up as such a main event is fitting for Lord of The Mics.

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One thought on “P Money – Real Talk (Dot Rotten Diss)

  1. […] better and better. So it started with Dot calling out on Organised Grime, P Money responded with Real Talk and might have won the round, at least according to the people. Dot, clearly anticipating, fired […]

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