P Money – Liars In The Booth (Dot Rotten diss)

Well, it’s all getting a bit peak. Not long after his fire reply, P Money shows no signs of slowing down..

In true battle form, P Money gets even more personal, as he applies the pressure, with a whole EP dedicated towards what appears to be..his mission to end Dot. Though I believe in Dot Rotten’s ability, P Money has shown new levels and strategy as he uses this to his advantage. It will certainly take something special from Dot Rotten to combat thing as they stand.

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2 thoughts on “P Money – Liars In The Booth (Dot Rotten diss)

  1. […] P Money continued to apply the pressure, with his recent Liars In The Booth it was not long until Dot replied back. The saga took a different turn as P got even more personal, […]

  2. […] sounding more refined in comparison to Dot’s rawness. Further proof was P Money’s Liars In The Booth, which dropped before Dot’s reply, and so not only applying pressure, this one took things […]

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