Dot Rotten – Real Talk (P Money diss)

It’s going off on the roof *Kano voice*

As P Money continued to apply the pressure, with his recent Liars In The Booth it was not long until Dot replied back. The saga took a different turn as P got even more personal, raising the anticipation for this reply further..

Dot Rotten levels up in this response, further stating some domestic claims, defending the criticism placed upon him. As much as a lot is being said, and there is a strong conviction, and Dot is barring. In regards to a battle, where the fans decide, P Money was smart in his delivery, and it does seem to be working in his favour, as the people are still seeming to side with him, but this is far from over and Dot is only just warming up.

By no means was this response not on par, it’s just a different style, and so not everyone’s cup of tea, and though nobody wants it to spew out of the studio, but regardless, this back and forth is entertaining.

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One thought on “Dot Rotten – Real Talk (P Money diss)

  1. […] round, at least according to the people. Dot, clearly anticipating, fired back with his version of Real Talk, and if there was a street fire-esque health bar, then this would have done more damage than the […]

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