Jermaine Riley – Family

The current climate for UK music is at it’s highest, with our rap stars breaking boundaries and their abilities being recognised, but one area still being somewhat overlooked is the R&B/Soul. It’s fair to say that’s the case across the world, but the Americans still get to breakthrough, and so here in the UK we have some of the most talented writer/singer/performers, such as Loick Essien, Bluey Robinson and Jermaine Riley. Introduced through his group days, as part of the revolutionary and underrated FDM (Fundamental), the singer showed a lot of potential, and after a series of projects, he returns with Family

Without a doubt one of the most talented writers, with a tone that has been compared to that of former B2K frontman Omarion, and he has the moves to match. Bringing us his new single, Family, it’s a variety of styles all naturally merged into one, much like the artist himself. He makes it look so easy, with the flow switching back and forth, down to the adlibs, wooing that special lady, stating his intentions to take things to the next stage, it’s a mature-feeling record with a young vibe, and the Jagged Edge – Let’s Get Married homage is amazing, and will have you attempting to belt it out along side (obviously not as easy as he makes it seem, ha), even the to the Reasons-like breakdown, smooth. I can be critical as I’m aware of his ability and potential, but this is exactly proving that, as it’s a great way to get back, and his fans who (like myself) have been patiently waiting, will definitely have this in heavy rotation.

I like that it’s not a reach or out of his comfort zone, and sounds very authentic, and younger me would buss’ all sorts of dance moves to this, he for sure will have some dope steps to accompany, and though I’m pleased to have some new material from him, it’s now raised the anticipation for what else is to come from the multi-talented star.

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