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Introducing: Ye Ali

As LA thrives with an authentic array of artists and producers, it’s sound is evolving, from being rap-centric, (and while that is currently thriving) there is a strong emergence of a more soulful sound, lead by the likes of Ty Dolla $ign, with TeeFli and newer acts such as 24hrs and Bino Rideaux amongst the ranks, another one to watch for is Ye Ali.

A blend of both rap and R&B, he’s found himself as one of the more overlooked talents, rising to acclaim in 2016 with his Traphouse Jodeci project..

A showcase of his style and sound, drawing from influences and delivering a complete body of work through as concept that proved consistent from the first track down to the last. He expanded on that with Private Suite..

..allowing him to merge more of his R&B influences with his current feel, featuring the fan-favourite Ring x4. Both projects helped sustain a fanbase, which the next year were gifted with Passion & Patience.

A more refined version of the previous offerings, like an album, and while it overall was well received, it’s also boasted the big record Talk Less..

(Initially I was reviewing this track and video, however, as I saw it continue to fly under the radar, I felt that Ye Ali overall deserved mention for his work thus far.) Featuring the classic Ashanti sample, he’s able to comfortably croon and more so make his presence felt without being overshadowed by the sample itself. Talk Less has slowly gained traction, finding itself to the ears of influencers and helped spur Ye Ali even further, and as much as it’s last year’s lowkey anthem, I would not be surprised if it found itself circulating through this summer, as it has still not fulfilled it’s potential. The track also helped highlight the quality that comes from him working with producer Bizness Boi, who together had created a vast amount of his work thus far, and as both continue to excel in their own lanes, it only means for more good music and success to come.

One thing is for sure that Ye Ali has been ahead of his time, with his previous finding itself inspiring some of today’s tracks, for the likes of Chris Brown and more.

If you like what you have heard thus far, then be sure to stay tuned, as he continues to develop on his craft and provide the vibes, much like his recent two collaborations..

You can expect to hear a more developed sound as he is no doubt working on a new project, one that I am sure will help raise the profile of himself, his artistry and penmanship.


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Naomi Wild – Lessons (Produced by Bizness Boi)

Some of the best music has been drawn from real life experiences and emotions, and Lessons is no different, introducing the talent not to be overlooked, Naomi Wild..

Lessons, produced by Bizness Boi (one of the best up and coming production talents available), with his musical ear, a versatile understanding of sound and an ability to establish not only an atmosphere but create a musical moment, he provides the beautiful singer the right vibe for her to really accentuate her feelings with this record.

The song itself, inspired by previous relationships, and developing an understanding from the lessons learnt through such experiences, a sense of finding one’s self and reassurance, Naomi tackles it with ease, with the catchy verses further emphasised by her enticing vocal tone. Not to compare, but if you were to categorise then she sits somewhere amongst the Kehlani’s of the game, as a fresh new energy, who is as dope with the pen as she is behind the mic.

Growing in popularity, Lessons has accumulated well over 40,000 plays within a month, proving not appeal and relatable-factor amongst listeners, whilst further justifying her potential as one of the ones to watch out for, as she continues to develop. I definitely would want to hear more collaborations from her and Bizness Boi, as it clearly makes for quality music.

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Nardwuar Vs PartyNextDoor

Nardwuar is undoubtedly one of the most unique, pioneering and even prestigious interviewers beyond generations, although, in recent, I do feel that there may have been some over-saturation with guests who may not be so deserving. However, this is well deserved all round. The man that loves to interact, with one of the least interactive stars of today, the talented, PartyNextDoor.

Not only are we blessed with some history and facts that we might not have been able to depict through his music, this is also a chance to get to see/hear from the low key R&B talent, for fans especially, it’s a treat and an insight to the man behind the music, his personality and even vulnerability as a person, being in front of the camera in such circumstance. It doesn’t disappoint (until it ends of course), with the interviewing legend bringing gifts based around his Jamaican & Trinidadian heritage, and learning the importance of the SpaceJam soundtrack and the influence of R. Kelly in the musician’s life. It’s also great to see PND shout out the up coming producers, G Ry (a big part of his recent Colours 2), and also one of my favourite producers on the rise, Bizness Boi (who contributed towards PX3).

“Brr-Brr, Fer-Fer, gang. We gon’ let Nardwuar hang..”

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“I’m afraid of myself more than anyone else, I’m still lookin’ in the mirror when in need of some help” – Rockie Fresh

One of Rick Ross’ later signings, he (and the likes of Tracy T) may have found themselves in the shadow of the MMG starting line-up, however, for those paying attention, they would come across versatile bodies of work. One thing that has stood out, is his consistency. He has delivered a variety of new age classics, leading up to his most recent project, a clever concept, The Night I Went To, which was a combination of his trilogy of the same name, with the three editions being, Los Angeles, New York, and his hometown Chicago. Complete with quality visuals, he shows no signs of stopping, as he drops this introspective cut.

Pray 4 Me, is a good example of how Rockie can take his inner thoughts and emotion and effortlessly express them with essences of poetry. Production by one of the most talented up and coming producers, Bizness Boi, providing Rockie Fresh with the soulful canvas to lyrically paint pictures. He begins with a very sincere and personal note, “I’m afraid of myself more than anyone else, I’m still lookin’ in the mirror when in need of some help”, something not everyone shares so boldly. Beautiful music, the song has an uplifting tone to it, as he touches on different topics, even something everyone can relate with, “Lookin’ at these n**gaz like why we can’t stay friends, I pray Meek Mill and Drake work again..Amen”, referencing to their previous hit, Amen.

Despite his success thus far, he is still having to try harder, and that’s evident in his music, and is proving to assist him in creating even better music, and visuals to match. Whilst many may be sleeping on him, he most certainly has a core support in his corner championing him, as he progresses on his path for greatness. He is working on the follow up project, the sequel to his popular Electric Highway. As one of the most underrated rappers, I’m intrigued to hear the direction of Rockie Fresh’s sound, as he continues to elevate.

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