Shaqy Dread – Local

The Tottenham talent follows Ready Up Steady Up with this new video, letting them know he’s Local

Produced by CeeFigz and The Beat Boss (both individually responsible for a host of hot tracks), they help set tempo with a movie score-like production, which Shaqy effortlessly tackles to create a scene in itself. Local is one of Shaqy’s more defined sounds as he continues to develop, with his harmonising rap style fitting right over the production. It’s most definitely one of his better tracks, it certainly helps to work with not one but two talented and experienced producers, and while his versatility means you can expect different styles to come, I can see him carving this lane out for himself, as there are not too many who appear as comfortable as he does here. The concept is not as unique but it’s definitely relatable, and it’s further emphasised by his delivery.

As someone who has observed his development thus far, it’s encouraging to see the improvement and as he continues to create more, you will no doubt hear more of his soulful trap sounds.


Click artwork to listen on Spotify

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