Pak-Man – How Many

If you’re talking consistency, then Pak-Man has to be amongst the conversation. Few can match the work-rate, let alone the ability, and after a solid 2017, with the release of his Still Legendary project, as well as visuals (including Active, and his Behind Barz), Big Pakachino is back again, with How Many..

Linking up with another underrated talent in 5ive Beatz, the producer whips up this upbeat lil’ number, with it’s sample serving as an instrument, holding the faint piano melody to that effective beat pattern, and with the ambience set, it allows Rose Gold Pak to do what he does.

“Rappers gassin’ ’bout they’re trappers in their 16’s, but their lies work..they just sold the kids dreams, never had no white birds like Mis-teeq..”

The braggadocios rhymes and assertive flow go well together, as he stands tall on the undeniable efforts, “I put in years..How Many, blood, sweat & tears..How Many”. Never short of quoteables and catchy lines, as many will chant along to, “getting money at a fast pace, I need a crib like Scarface”. His signature style of confidence and wit with lines like, “I got old money in my old safe, your bitch don’t look good..she look okay”, are more reason why he’s considered overlooked by so many, as few can command the presence on a track that Pak-Man does.

Always working, and no doubt planning a follow up to his successful tour last year, you can be sure that there’s more music and visuals on the way, who knows how many..


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