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Shaker – Jupiter Freestyle

The Baker returns with this new freestyle..

Entitled Jupiter, Shaker drops some out of this world bars, as one of the most critically acclaimed lyricists on the come up. Even with a couple videos, a hard body mixtape and features, Shaker has managed to develop a loyal fanbase, as proven turning up to each of Pak-Man’s shows, to witness the rapper in the flesh during his supporting act duties, he stepped out to crowds cheering before rapping word for word to his Power verse.

Speaking to him after the show, he stated his intentions to keep at it, though evident he was in transition, and Jupiter highlights that very statement, as the self proclaimed, “Trapper of the year”, looks to step further into the artistry and it’s rewards, “had enough of bandos, need a couple millions, need to get a lambo..that’s yellow like the minions”. The potent lines continues to flow throughout the track.

With his raw delivery, and emphatic punchlines, Shaker is certainly shaking up the block as he continues to whip up more dope for your ears.

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Pakman – Active ft. Young Smokes

Big Pakachino continues his legendary run, with this new video, linking up with up and coming Birmingham rapper, Young Smokes.

Since the release of his 2017 EP, Still Legendary, Pak-Man comes through with more new music, this time with the 5ive Beatz produced Active. Pak has been one of the most overlooked rappers in the country, as he continues his independent takeover, with an ever-growing fanbase, the trap star returns with more high-end rhymes, painting those lyrical come-up lines, “Active..now I got my cash right, had a mad life, now my jackets cost a bag-five..”, few can out rap him, especially when it comes to these light-trap rhymes, “Trap star..you already know this, pull up in a flash car..my watch cost a whole brick..”, it’s these exact bars with his fierce delivery, that has fans locked in on his every word, as he consistently raises the bar each time. Active also introduces to many, the up and coming Birmingham rapper, Young Smokes, who partners up with Pak on the hook duties, but also follows in the lane that some could give the South London rapper credit for, as Smokes not only impresses with his unique tone and catchy melody but his verse is on point, kicking off with, “I make a deal with the plug and then shake hands, my money’s fat for elastic..I break bands”, continuing to flow with, “I went and told my sales..look, I don’t do ticks, now the rolex on my wrist..it don’t do ticks”. 

With his EP still circulating, and now new music and visuals on the way, the bossy rapper continues to set pace, and shine light on others, and no doubt many will now be checking for Young Smokes too, as he joins the ranks of stars rising out of Birmingham.

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