Milli Major – Ooo Na Na ft. Tempa T

Milli Major takes time away from the streets, to give her the “Rah rah rah”..

More known for his gritty street sounds, Milli Major makes the transition that I was initially sceptical of, however, I made it out to a lickle shoobz the other night, and I would have got to skankin’ if this came on. It would be unfair to review this as such, or be critical, when really it’s just a feel-good track that’s suited for the club (and festival). The addition of Tempa T is always respected, because 1) He’s not jumping on a track with just anyone, and 2) Tempa T has a commercial grime appeal, which shows with the general response of the track thus far. There is clearly an effort being made, with a great, clean and crisp visual, love the traditional vibe, it only emphasises the Ghanaian notion within the song.

My scepticism was basically for being accustomed to a different sound with Major, and not being so tuned to radio or heavy in the clubs, my A&R brain was conflicting, but the reality is that Milli Major has experienced some success in this streaming era with the more Garage-sounding production, in fact, his highest streamed tracks are basically that, which now makes all the sense, and so why not continue to have fun and add some depth to the catalogue. It’s always good to hear from Tempz, who actually goes in on this one, adding to the track’s potential live, as you can imagine how that’ll go.

The more you listen to the song, the more it’s appeal grows, in time for the summer and definitely one for ya BBQ playlist, with over 100k YouTube views and like 30k Spotify plays, there’s clearly a lot of people feeling like, “Ooo Na Na”.


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