Scorcher – Gargoyle

Since the (from Jail) release of (the heavily underrated) Down, Skywalker went quiet (for obvious reasons), but God is good, and back like he never left, he returned with the emphatic Could Be Worse

a typical take from Scorcher, as he reintroduces himself back in the game. Reality is, I never got round to reviewing it because I was actually just enjoying listening to it, and naturally, the streets united in rejoice for his return, out the box and into the booth, “nothing weren’t safe from when I come out”.

There isn’t too much to “review”, just listen and soak up the new energy. Whilst Could Be Worse served as the appetiser, it was not long before the people wanted more, and it was already in the works, as he dropped the new track, Gargoyle

“Top of the roof” music, it’s a slower tempo but more intricate freestyle, as the Dark Knight reasserts himself back in position, watching down at the game. They ain’t see me for a minute, didn’t emcee for a minute..”, only few could take a hiatus and walk right back into the mix, but then few hold his level of credibility and stature in the scene, “I ain’t got a reload lyric, but I got a Reload lyric, you can double up and reload wit’ it”.

What’s genius about the tracks he’s dropped thus far, is the rhetoric. We know the industry has changed, there’s a heap of new acts (many who I’m not even up on), and people will have their doubts and question Scorcher’s place in this climate, and as he further finds his feet amidst the distractions, he has an answer for all, “they think local, scoping the galaxy, meanwhile i’m getting followed by focus and galaxy”. The younger fans and industry people are part of something that Scorcher helped lay the foundations for, and even if they’re unaware, he’s assertive of his own influence, “Dem man are all my kids, these man are all my youts, dem bwoy are all my sons..”, and he ain’t telling no lies.

Not a negative, but I think the impact of Could Be Worse has overshadowed Gargoyle, and I would have preferred a whole EP or project straight after, but it’s always better to test waters and reassess things. To be honest, I’ve just been glad to see him out, participating in football matches and just to know a man is back with his kids. There’s a lot more to come from him, so lock in on the socials, and stay tuned, as he looks to deliver like only one of the greatest talents to emerge out the country can.



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