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Mclean – Finally In Love

After the success of ‘Broken‘ and the recent smash, ‘My Name‘, one of the UK’s most promising vocalists returns with the follow up, ‘Finally In love’.

Mclean – Finally In Love:

“Its all about you, Its all bout us..”

Mclean is growing into a household name, offering the unique blend of infectious production fused beautifully with his soulful vocals and Finally In love is no different, the track provides easy listening and definitely enjoyable (you cannot help but to sing along), with its catchy combination of beat and synths, the lyrics and vocals complete an overall good record. Another factor in Mclean’s rise to prominence is the standard of his videos, so once again expect great visuals, good sets and a concept to match his groundbreaking sound.

As a fan of his earlier work (under the name Digga), obviously I was concerned whether commercial success would taint his ‘sound’, however Mclean has been nothing short of quality, it is refreshing and great to know that we are yet to hear the best of him, for now Finally In Love is another favourite that I look forward to hear on rotation on both TV and Radio.

'Finally In Love' is available to pre-order on iTunes

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McLean (Interview)

Another About To Blow segment courtesy of RWD Magazine and Adidas for London 2012

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