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Worms T – WTVII (Freestyle)

While his previous effort, WTI is still getting spins, the France rapper keeps his foot on the competition’s neck, with yet another freestyle

Worms T is certainly not sitting back, with this new freestyle, he shows his versatility, switching the flow from the start, with that aggression ever present in his tone, as he sets things straight. He gives you a variety of styles all meshed into one on this freestyle, as always making it seem easy. Though I believe he has the ability to cater to different audiences, he remains loyal to what he knows best, serving the fans with that street rap. I hope it helps further build his fanbase, leading up to an official project.

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Worms T – WTI (Freestyle)

While the french rap scene continues to grow stronger, one of the underrated ones releases some more fire for your ears.

Worms T, who came to the attention having linked up with the heavyweight Kaaris, and with his own style and ability brings something different to the team. With this WTI freestyle, he brings back his aggressive flow, tackling the beat with ease and emphasis. There is a lot of potential for the rapper, and as he keeps giving his fans such cuts, will no doubt be closer to reaching it.

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Fire In The Park went Platinum

With just under now over 50 million views, this shit is amazing.

Congratulations to Stormzy and his team, with Shut Up now officially certified platinum. Not entirely sure if this has happened before, but it’s a big win, not just for Big Mike, but all those who helped pave the way before, as what is essentially a freestyle, (in this streaming era) is now officially certified platinum.

I don’t get excited over too much, however, not long ago I saw the official charts tweet a picture of a smiling Giggs, announcing Landlord as the second highest selling album in the country, and now, two years after it’s debut, a freestyle video does such numbers, further denting and pushing the limitations that often felt placed upon our scene. It’s something a lot of us have worked towards seeing.

This moment definitely proves the powers of good music, the scene and the unified support of the people, as the sounds reach new ears, taking the underground over. Many artists turned away from freestyles, focusing on original songs that could generate a profit, streaming might just have changed that, imagine how many times we would have streamed the Wiley or Skepta ‘Westwood’ freestyles?!

Big up the Section trio, Flipz, and all the mandem in the video, you’re all a part of history still. And a massive shout out to, “my man over there with the pouch”, you’re forever certi’ (well at least to 50 million+ people).

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