Scorcher – Down

One of the undoubted stars of the British scene, Scorcher seemed set for stardom from the get-go, with the foundations laid, he was one of the early MC’s to garner a large female following, and whilst I’ve previously mentioned the struggles that can bring with the direction of their music, he’s one of the few versatile enough to dominate in both. Maybe because it seemed like he was the chosen one..that peers and audiences developed animosity and might not have championed him as deserved, but in recent times he has still been able to stand tall amidst the negativity, with tracks like (the incredibly underrated) No One Else and Paranoid, plus standout performances in both the TV series Top Boy and (the movie) The Intent. Unfortunately, whilst I thought he was just being himself..not as prominent on Social Media (as he’s definitely not one for all the fake shit), it appears that he is currently in prison. Initially I thought (and was hoping) he was just filming for the sequel of The Intent, but it appears that he really is currently serving time (the reasons are unknown and really none of our business), but while the Universe finds ways to align you on your true path, don’t for once think his abilities as a top tier artist are under question, as he not only gives us a freestyle, but a whole track with (the 2Pac inspired) Down:

One of the realest people in the industry, or at least one of the realest I’ve met in this game, that honesty has always transcended through his music, from early as his classic My Diary. Though he’s certified with the street shit, he’s one of the best with the introspective raps, and Down is just that. Something for the fans whilst they wait, but it definitely shines light on situations, “I’m at my best when I’m at my worst”. Ever the fighter, the wordsmith is able to poetically inspire even at the toughest of times, one of his qualities and reasons for his loyal fanbase.

Whilst it’s great to get some new music from the talent, I’d rather he was free, and hold faith that this is just a step-back that will help propel him further to where someone of his talents and nature deserves.


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