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Oxide & Neutrino – Rap Dis ft. Swiss, Skat D, MC Harvey & Kaish

With the excitement surrounding the So Solid Crew’s imminent return, I could not help but to go through the collection, this is a classic, this song and video set the bar high in the UK and to be honest I don’t think anyone has actually reached this standard let alone top it (regardless of the constraints media has placed upon urban acts).

I’ll start with the beat, It’s just evil-sounding, it’s dark, edgy, the bass and the synths, they just set the tone and mood for the emcees to rap over. Each emcee brings their own style which is why it never gets boring despite the beat being a consistent (until Harvey’s verse), layered with perfectly placed ad-libs, the emcees flow with individuality which as a whole sounds great. Swiss starts off, “N****’s wanna test S-O that’s a no, I’ma DJ but I heat up mics when I flow”, instantly setting the scene and standard for the song. Skat D as always vibrant on the mic, Neutrino’s verse many can argue was not as potent as Swiss’, however you cannot help but to rap along to it, each emcee (including) Kaish comes correct on this banger.

The video does not need much description or even praise, it speaks for it self (in volumes), the concept, the graphics..they all create one of the best videos from an urban artist/act especially in the UK.

l (like many others) cannot wait for So Solid’s return, a lot of expectation is placed, but it is not the first time they have had to deal with such issues and as done before i’m sure will prevail.

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Swiss – Cry ft. Sharifa

Who remembers this one?

Crazy Michael Jackson sample, lyrically on point and the content is highly applauded.

Swiss had been with So Solid Crew from the start but fans, audiences and peers alike began to see him shine with vocals on both Oxide & Neautrino – Rap Dis and So Solid’s ‘Broken Silence‘ (Produced by Mr Shabz, who is also the founder of Music Kidz and have recently inked a deal with Jay-Z’s ROC Nation label), the producer/rapper showed that he was just as gifted on the mic as he is with the beats.

After being acknowledged as a true artist, an emcee with style and substance, Swiss blessed us with ‘Cry’, the song’s concept helped inspire many and played its part in encouraging Bashy to create the anthem that is ‘Black Boys‘.

I don’t want to say too much, enjoy the track and let me know what you think, Swiss is one of the truest artists in our country and with Music Kidz now with Jay-Z’s ROC Nation, I as a fan first hope that Swiss gets to prove to a larger audience how good he really is with more good music.

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Also check out Swiss – Flowers

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