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So Solid Crew – Since U Went Away ft. Megaman, Lisa Maffia & Romeo

Guess who’s back?!

I bought you the exclusive news that they were making a comeback and here it is, England’s finest collective are back by public demand with their first offering, Since U Went Away:

Featuring Megaman, Lisa Maffia and Romeo, This is the first release from the new So Solid Crew album, a more mature sounding So Solid, after speaking to Megaman he mentioned this being a personal album, he wanted to answer the fan’s questions and deliver something they will appreciate, something they have been asking for. Seems like they are on the right track, I like this, Megaman still has the lyrical ability that many looked over as well as an on point flow, First Lady, Lisa Maffia’s vocals are sounding stronger than ever, then the ladies favourite..Romeo with a nice verse, they all sound good and it looks promising for the So Solid crew upon their much awaited return.

The video is a good look, it looks fun more than anything, I am gutted that I could not go to the shoot due to prior commitments but it is balanced with the joy to see the outcome of the video being a success along with the song itself, featuring cameos from Comedians Kojo and Kevin J, as well as members of both So Solid Crew and D-Fam.

Despite their success, they remain humble and I cannot help but to feel proud for all they have acheived and will continue to do so, they have opened many doors and elevated the scene to bigger heights.

Look out for more from the So Solid Crew.


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Oxide & Neutrino – Rap Dis ft. Swiss, Skat D, MC Harvey & Kaish

With the excitement surrounding the So Solid Crew’s imminent return, I could not help but to go through the collection, this is a classic, this song and video set the bar high in the UK and to be honest I don’t think anyone has actually reached this standard let alone top it (regardless of the constraints media has placed upon urban acts).

I’ll start with the beat, It’s just evil-sounding, it’s dark, edgy, the bass and the synths, they just set the tone and mood for the emcees to rap over. Each emcee brings their own style which is why it never gets boring despite the beat being a consistent (until Harvey’s verse), layered with perfectly placed ad-libs, the emcees flow with individuality which as a whole sounds great. Swiss starts off, “N****’s wanna test S-O that’s a no, I’ma DJ but I heat up mics when I flow”, instantly setting the scene and standard for the song. Skat D as always vibrant on the mic, Neutrino’s verse many can argue was not as potent as Swiss’, however you cannot help but to rap along to it, each emcee (including) Kaish comes correct on this banger.

The video does not need much description or even praise, it speaks for it self (in volumes), the concept, the graphics..they all create one of the best videos from an urban artist/act especially in the UK.

l (like many others) cannot wait for So Solid’s return, a lot of expectation is placed, but it is not the first time they have had to deal with such issues and as done before i’m sure will prevail.

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D-FAM TV: SO SOLID – Since You Went Away (Behind the scenes)

So Solid Crew

With the return of the So Solid Crew imminent, D-Fam TV brings you the latest from behind the scenes of the NEW So Solid video for their up-coming single ‘Since You Went Away’, the track features Romeo, Megaman and Lisa Mafia as they touch on the subject of their absence from the scene and their comeback.

The video will no doubt be a quality production as you can only expect the best from the UK’s elite crew.

Look out for more exclusives from D-Fam TV with OneFáris.


Click the picture to visit D-Fam's myspace

Click the picture to visit D-Fam's myspace

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So I’m back from the video shoot for Sef – Need A Hero, it was crazy to say the least, A big thank you to all those who showed love and support, but I just want to share this with everyone, as a fan I’m excited about this…. The UK’s most successful Urban collective, the So Solid Crew are making a return, with each member branching out into successful solo careers many people wondered what had happened, however, Megaman himself has declared to give the fans what they have been waiting for …a So Solid Crew album!! ..at present it is considered the last one as a collective but regardless..they are ready to take over once again!!

So Solid!

So Solid Crew

So Solid Crew

PS, Footage from the video shoot will be posted soon!!

Music Kidz – Born To Do This

Starz Up!!

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Swiss – Cry ft. Sharifa

Who remembers this one?

Crazy Michael Jackson sample, lyrically on point and the content is highly applauded.

Swiss had been with So Solid Crew from the start but fans, audiences and peers alike began to see him shine with vocals on both Oxide & Neautrino – Rap Dis and So Solid’s ‘Broken Silence‘ (Produced by Mr Shabz, who is also the founder of Music Kidz and have recently inked a deal with Jay-Z’s ROC Nation label), the producer/rapper showed that he was just as gifted on the mic as he is with the beats.

After being acknowledged as a true artist, an emcee with style and substance, Swiss blessed us with ‘Cry’, the song’s concept helped inspire many and played its part in encouraging Bashy to create the anthem that is ‘Black Boys‘.

I don’t want to say too much, enjoy the track and let me know what you think, Swiss is one of the truest artists in our country and with Music Kidz now with Jay-Z’s ROC Nation, I as a fan first hope that Swiss gets to prove to a larger audience how good he really is with more good music.

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Also check out Swiss – Flowers

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Sef – Need A Hero ft. Swiss

The former So Solid crew singer is back to claim his spot as one of the UK’s finest talents.

After creating a buzz with the single ‘Out of the Ghetto’, Sef has truly delivered with the follow up ‘Need a Hero’. Upbeat and definitely one to have the heads nodding, using a video game-sounding sample over a slick beat adding a few synths and strings, with the singer lacing the beat with his vocals, letting his damsel in distress know that he’s here to save her from her heartbreak. The addictive chorus just flows smooth as he sings:
“Girl You Need A Hero..Someone who is just like me, A Hero..Who can give you what you need, I’m just trying to show ya, Baby I’m the one for ya, I was sent just to love ya, I’m your Hero!”
Featuring the additional vocals of emcee Swiss (Also of So Solid fame) who from the sounds of it has stepped his game up, certainly giving the song more depth. ‘Need a Hero’ really stands out amongst the majority of the current commercial R&B songs in this country. Certainly a hit for Sef and the Music Kidz team who are back with a banger!!

..They are shooting a video for it very soon, Shout out to Shabz the professor, Sef and the whole of Musik Kidz, keep making those hits!!

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Jay-Z signs Music Kidz to ROC Nation!!

This is big news people,

Music Kidz, consisting of producer Mr Shabz (who is the founder of Music Kidz) & former Reelist producer K1, emcee Swiss and singer Sef (the trio that were behind many of the So Solid Crew’s hits), have been working hard with their group, production team, label and movement.

Proof of their hard work has come when Sef himself recently announced that Music Kidz has signed to Jay-Z’s new imprint ROC Nation, this is big news for the scene and the country, it means our hard work and talents are being recognized and with such an array of talent here in the UK, it is the next step, it shows the progression we are making, recently Jay Sean signed to the one and only Cash Money Records (Home to none other than Lil’ Wayne).

The first release I’m looking forward to and have been waiting for a while is Sef and his album ‘Every Piece of Me’, after releasing ‘Out of the Ghetto‘ and the soon to come ‘Need A Hero‘, Sef has proven that he has a voice to match some of the best R&B singers out there, having already worked with the likes of platinum selling Robin Thicke on the track ‘Tonite‘, as a fan of music it is increasingly frustrating to not hear his material and his name being mentioned among the greats.

Also, Swiss, how can anyone forget his heartfelt flow on So Solid Crew’s smash ‘Broken Silence‘, Swiss then gave us ‘Cry‘, so the soon coming album ‘One In A Million’ is still antiscipated the Music Kidz are capable of classics so it is only right that they venture with ROC Nation (one of the most expensive labels created) with the legend Jay-Z himself to create more of their own history.



Here is a little taste of the magic that the Music Kidz are capable of creating:

I’ll bring you more on this news as soon as i find out,

Shout out to Sef and the Music Kidz team!!

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D-Fam – You’re My Baby

When the heart of the UK’s biggest urban collective introduces a group or artist, everyone has to take note. so when So Solid Crew’s Megaman introduced us to D-Fam, a collective of young talented rappers and singers, everyone’s ears were open and the addictive single that was Whatever You Want, really had their buzz growing.

09 and they have returned with ‘You’re My Baby‘, featuring a more mature ‘Taj’ and ‘Castro’ leading the vocals, new member ‘Junks’ and ‘Jemmel’ (who vocally reminds me of a young Babyface) serenading the ladies with the hook. The track itself is easy to listen to, it’s far from gritty and the explicit urban culture that the genre gets stereotyped with yet possesses that street element with the presence of Taj (I still think we have not heard the best of him yet) and a slick looking Castro. Castro is someone to watch not just in front of the camera, he reminds me of when Megaman was fresh on the scene, more than just one of the rappers, a young entrepreneur out to fulfill ambitions, hopefully he and his collective D-Fam can match and even surpass the success and create their own legacy, with the guys all in their early 20’s, time is definitely on their side.

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