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Youngs Teflon – South London Press

One of South London’s finest, Youngs Teflon has been the bridge between the ol’ skool and new, as one of the younger ones to watch, he has now become a checkpoint for a lot of the up and coming rappers, with many who work with him, going on to cement a name for themselves, he is also one of the few from his era to successfully transition into this new stage of the scene. Possessing a strong fanbase, his loyalty to the game has shown him stay true to his roots and play position rather than capitalise or conform. His latest EP South London Press is proof of such.

Affiliated with the standouts from Big Narstie and Blade Brown to 67 and K-Trap, Youngs Tef has become a staple in the scene, and while people may have expected him to make the transition for a more commercial sound (I was was hoping more people would take to last year’s underrated Flex N Finesse), with this 6 track project, he’s remained even truer to his sound, with his audio depiction of that side of South London. From the more introspective intro, down to the wavy Birthday, he’s still able to offer some variation. More impressive is the fact that whilst fans digest the project, he has more heat in the stash, and recently released the visuals for (one of my favourite tracks), the title track itself, racking up just under 200,000 views in a week, shows that he his definitely on course to further establish himself as one of the elites.

Whilst he has played his part and held it down, I do hope that he takes up more of the opportunities and shoots rather than look for the assist, as he most definitely is deserving considering the amount of work he has put in up to this point, and I have no doubts that he will not only persevere but reach newer heights.


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Fem Fel – Jail Tales (BBC Three)

Although many of the others within this unique series have recieved more praise and support, this one is a stand out in my opinion.

Fem Fel:

The instrumental instantly dominates, however, attention should be paid to the content and Fem Fel really makes the most of this opportunity, lyrically captivating, he takes you on a journey into a dark era of his life, emotionally charged, you hear the pain in his voice, like a cry for help as he endures the hardships of being locked up, hearing this is extremely inspiring. This is a positive offering from one of South London’s realest artists. Looking past the glitz and glammer, Fem paints a raw picture of life inside prison, an incredible eye opener for the youth of today who are misguided by the glamorization of such lifestyles.

I salute Fem, for he could have used this to showcase himself, yet he does less of that and more in terms of teaching through his own mistakes, in accordance to what the concept of Jail Tales portrays, this is exactly what was needed.


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Little Dee – Once In A Blue

South London emcee Little Dee is back in a big way with his new effort ‘Once In A Blue’.

Two tracks which I think show how far he has come since his feature on Wiley – My Mistakes are Electric Love and Once In A Blue.

Electric Love ft. Wiley:

Electric Love, which samples The Dream – Falsetto, lays the rose petals down for Little Dee to get lyrically romantic, the verses are the best part of the song, heavy weight feature with Wiley on the hook, however the chorus could be better, still it helps the verses stand out, over all this is a good track from Little Dee who appears to improve every time I hear him.

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Once In A Blue:

I like this a lot, Little Dee has always been a good storyteller with his rhymes and Once In A Blue is proof, as he brings you into his life through his mind. The beat is a mellow instrumental that helps create a soulful atmosphere as Little Dee shares his emotion.

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Little Dee - Once In A Blue ..OUT NOW!!

Little Dee - Once In A Blue ..OUT NOW!!

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