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Trey Songz – Holla If Ya Need Me

Having already praised the B. Cox produced One Love, Trey manages to remain consistent with this offering taken from his new album READY.

A little less dramatic than One Love and more realistic, Holla If Ya Need Me has Trey crooning like only he can, the concept is sweet, this is R&B, there was a surge of Hip-Hop influenced R&B for a while, the King of R&B himself, R. Kelly, released a autotune dependant mixtape, so something was clearly wrong, Trey stepped up to take R&B in the right direction and this track personifies that.

Trey does not try to sing his heart out on this one, which is a good thing, as it would over-shadow the ultimate feeling, his talent can never be denied, from his first single ‘Just Gotta Make It ft. Twista’, his vocal ability was evident and so it has come to no surprise of the improvement made so far. Produced by Troy Taylor (the man who ultimately discovered Trey Songz), this song possesses an emotion, anyone who has been or is in such a situation will most definitely take to this record.

Ready is in stores now and is being considered R&B Album of the Year, personally, I felt that it could have been better, after listening to his pre-album mixtape entitled ‘Anticipation’, there was more R&B quality, but as a whole for a mass audience tracks like ‘LOL 🙂‘ and ‘Black Roses‘ make it more than just an R&B album.

Look out for more Trey Songz reviews to come, in the mean time “Holla If Ya Need Me”

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Trey Songz - READY ..OUT NOW!

Trey Songz - READY ..OUT NOW!

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Trey Songz – One Love

With anticipation leading towards his new album ‘Ready’, Trey Songz released the amptly titled mixtape ‘Anticipation’, along with this material leaked One Love, I hope the fully mastered version makes it onto the album, it is ‘That’ good.

Trey Songz voice bares the sound of experience and control, remeniscent of a pre-TP-2.com R. Kelly, full of soul and feeling, Trey pours his heart out over this well constructed production, created to sound deep and emphatic, One Love follows the mould of his previous hit ‘Can’t Help But Wait’, with the infectious melody and catchy lyrics, Trey Songz really shines on the track and if this is anything to go by..he might just have a classic on his hands in the form of Ready, with the majority of his fanbase compiled of females..Songz will surely keep them satisfied with this cut until the album is released.

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Trey wasn't as good at interior decorating as he had thought

Trey wasn't as good at interior decorating as he had thought

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Something BRAND NEW from Trey Songz

Trey Songz has not had the kind of success that was expected of him when he first came in onto the scene, but that does not mean he has not been successful, an undeniable talent, Trey returns with his third album READY.

The first release from READY is Brand New, which shows Trey and his swagger on point.

The track is actually catchy, it is clear that the ladies are in his sights as he goes in on this one.

Video, features live footage from a recent performance so expect cameos from Jim Jones, Fat Joe, Shawty Lo, Angel Love, Drake, B. Cox and Young Jeezy, It’s more of a promotional single and actually creates the buzz he needs as he prepares to unleash his new album.

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