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Wholagun – Savage Sundays (Episode 4)

I don’t need to check the calendar of late to know it’s Sunday, thanks to another new Savage Sunday episode. It’s really like he’s linked you at the end of the week to light one and play you some new music..

The initial thought was Wholagun was attempting to re-establish himself, with the weekly consistency as he further develops his fanbase. Almost playing catch up, to make up for the lack of music over the years, but by this fourth episode, it’s less of amount and more the content itself. Gangsta rap, trap rap, whatever you want to label it as, it is thriving, there’s a demand for the sound and interest in the subject, and few can do it as good as Wholagun. It’s rare to get someone who can give you a first-hand take on the topic and be able to rap at such a high level, possibly why Wholagun has had it tougher than others. Like a well-scripted movie, the Croydon talent is able to deliver vivid insights into that world, where those who live that life can relate, and those who fantasise over it will enjoy. Complete with this assertive flow and confidence, it really helps emphasises the authenticity.

I’m not sure if it would have benefitted to put the audio on Soundcloud also, for those to listen on the move, but as a concept, the visual format does what it needs to. If you want to listen to more, check the album.wholagunss.png

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Wholagun – Savage Sundays (Episode 3)

It’s that time again. The Croydon ambassador charging up your sundays with the latest edition of the Savage Sundays series..

“How they talkin’ ’bout banging and never seen shells?, I’m the one that they call upon when they need help..”

Already racking up a couple thousand views in a couple hours, he’s managed to maintain a core fanbase amidst the previous inconsistency, and along with new listeners..they’re enjoying the series so far. For Episode 3, we get Wholagun more in his rap lane, and once again, a fitting flow for this mid-tempo number. The content is what’s to be expected, but note that it’s not so easy to express it in so many ways, as he seems to do so effortlessly. Initially I was thinking that with the visuals, the series could be interpreted as repetitive, but it’s like being in the car with him on a Sunday to hear a new rap, it’s that very authenticity which helps justify the series and him as an artist.

“Tryna do it for my city..I’m holding the key, solution to the problem..they know that its me.”


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Wholagun – Savage Sundays (Episode 1)

The underrated Wholagun follows up last year’s Solution To The Problem (album) with a new series, titled Savage Sundays..

“How they ballin’ but they tickin’ their grub, I just went out on a mission..now I’m missin’ the plug”

For Episode 1, he tackles the Classic Bravehearts – Oochie Wally instrumental, and while the lyrics at times can be similar (with it’s heavy trap content), he’s one of the few who can switch the flow up with the tempo, and it’s just that with this one.

“Like, why you waste my time? I won’t even touch him, I just take my line, take the sim and say goodbye..”

In a time where many trying to cement themselves in this game are doing more than just the music, it’s great to see a talent stick to the craft, executed in a different style. I’m definitely intrigued to hear what beat he’s flowing on next week.


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