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GLC – Flight School ft. Kanye West & T-Pain

I posted the track earlier which was the leaked version minus GLC’s verse, but the track has been mastered and although GLC is not considered on the same level as Kanye or even T-Pain, he does stand his ground with this effort.

It’s the same hook from T-Pain and obviously the same verse from Kanye West and truthfully it is that good of a verse that I’m glad they have kept it. Overall i think GLC does pretty well, after hearing him on this track I want to hear even more from him as it seems he has a lot to offer as an artist.

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T-Pain & Kanye West – Flight School

Rumored to be a demo song for GOOD Music (Kanye’s Label) recording artist GLC, However I, like many people think it should be made into a full single, it is something special.

‘Flight School’, consisting of one of the simplest beats you’ve ever heard either of them on, a light piano melody with some added sparkles, really brings some life into it, but the real standout feature about the track is the artists themselves, both Kanye West and T-Pain, deliver vocals that we’re accustomed to, the thing is, that it just solidifies them among the greats of today, T-Pain really brings out the soul on this track, i felt like the song related to me, Mr West brings out some of the greatest lines ever with more confidence and composure on the mic than we’re used to hearing, especially his last part,

“Shit, These last years been a Hayes (haze) like Isaac, so i close my eyes tighter than asian eyes get, realise i got the same wings angels fly with, with Louis Vuitton feathers..now that’s some fly shit”,

it really emphasizes how great of an artist Kanye West is and overall with the self proclaimed ringleader himself T-Pain, it show good a song Flight School really is.

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