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Big Sean – Halfway Off The Balcony

With Sean’s fourth studio-album ‘I Decided’ on the way, the latest offering shows more insight into what we can expect on the 3rd of February.

Initially, the hook is catchy, and we’re well aware of Big Sean’s capabilities with words, however, to be able to pen such a record, where he is ultimately venting yet the narrative of the song is nothing short of motivational, is no easy feat. Often an artist’s success and the change of lifestyle naturally pouring into their music, can distance them from the listener, yet with Halfway Off The Balcony, he manages to contain the authenticity and is able to stunt, whilst maintaining the balance with the overall emotive. Emphasising his hunger, drive, vulnerability and morals, producer Amaire Johnson and the Sean Don are able to really play upon the concept of the album.

If this track is anything to go by, and hoping the project stays true to the concept, then Big Sean has a very solid project that obviously will be well-received, but truly embraced, further establishing him amongst Rap’s elite.


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Consequence – Whatever You Want ft. Kanye West & John Legend

After Kanye West helped John Legend, Common, Kid Cudi and Mr Hudson reach higher platforms it is now time for longtime friend and Good Music affiliate Consequence to make his mark.

Consequence, the former A Tribe Called Quest emcee, has been supporting ‘Ye and Good Music for quite some while, this might just be his breakthrough track, the party-vibed Whatever You Want featuring Mr West and John Legend, a stylish, mature sounding effort, it is catchy, the video just seems like a good vacation, it has a essence to it which is very Kanye at the moment, this will rise, taking Consequence’s reputation and fanbase up with it.

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Mr Hudson – Anyone But Him ft. Kanye West

As the GOOD Music (Kanye’s label) artist’s new single Supernova (featuring Kanye West) continues to rise in the charts, his potential next single leaks and this one has a mixed review.

Anyone But Him ft. Kanye West, is something really different if comparing to current songs, however, using sounds used today the track manages to stay relevant, the arrangement is unorthadox, similar to Supernova and previous (pre-Good music) releases from Mr Hudson, Kanye’s verse is not the best but then it isn’t his worst either, this would make a good mixtape track, or require a bit of work and a better video than Supernova to really push it as a single. As easy as it is to critisize this song, I have to mention that it’s creativity and innovative factor is really inspiring, to create something that is not generic, something that does not sound like everything else being made and played on radio and TV, to create somthing unique, for the love of music not for the sake of quick fame/money.

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Kanye West – Amazing ft. Young Jeezy (Video)

A good song from a good album, been waiting for a while since I found out that this was the next single to be taken from 808’s & Heartbreaks.

Kanye West has been raising the bar in terms of standard for music videos of late, his video for Welcome To Heartbreak ft. Kid Cudi had people in a frenzy (and confusion until they realized that it was meant to distorted). This video, far different from the last, but just as much of an impact, it perfectly represents the track, with dark shots, exotic locations, basic effects yet the end product is a joy to watch.

Visually, it speaks more and uses minimal shots, the jungle theme fits the sound effects in the song, with both Kanye and Young Jeezy at their best. Not much has to be said as the video speaks for itself but it is just as inspirational as the song and undoubtedly another classic by Mr West.

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Kid Cudi – Look Up In The Stars ft. Wale

I’m a big fan of both Kid Cudi and DC’s own Wale, so I was excited to hear this and they did not dissapoint.

Look Up In The Stars, produced by Breez (A producer to keep an ear out for), the beat offers that synth-based outer space sound, futuristic and perfect for two diverse artists heralded as the future, the drum pattern reminds me of old neptunes beats, fairly simple in practice but the cleverly executed fusion of drum and keyboard sounds have a big effect, the melody is a spaceship in flight and Kid Cudi and Wale are the passengers. Kid Cudi sings the chorus (with autotune, but pulls it off nicely) and provides a verse, the verse seems standard from Cudi whilst Wale had me remembering Nas, lyrical and a flow to match that just grabs your attention as you listen to every word.

This new wave of artists have a lot to compete against but are fortunate to be allowed to be diverse and free in terms of creativity and concepts, it is refreshing to see and shows you how far Hip-Hop and music in general has come, the likes of 50 cent or Jay-Z would be laughed at if they came out singing talking about stars, Rappers like Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Lil’ Wayne have held the door (a door that I believe Pharrell Williams opened) for people like Kid Cudi, Asher Roth and Wale, allowing them to come through and be themselves, be creative and break out of stereotypes that come with a genre.

Look Up In The Stars, although may just end up as a mixtape record, is a good offering from the two bright prospects and I look forward to hearing more like this.

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GLC – The Big Screen ft. Kanye West

I really like this song and the video is good too, its different, the song sounds like nothing you’ll hear on the radio at the moment, Big Screen has a movie feel to it, and Kanye comes through on point as always.

The Big Screen is the first single from the benefit compilation for the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum: True To The Game.

Baring that in mind, the video has GLC and Kanye West playing baseball players at a lavish upscale party with ladies throwing themselves at them, Big Screen has a classic feel to it and i think will be a platform for GLC to make more of a name for himself.

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GLC – Flight School ft. Kanye West & T-Pain

I posted the track earlier which was the leaked version minus GLC’s verse, but the track has been mastered and although GLC is not considered on the same level as Kanye or even T-Pain, he does stand his ground with this effort.

It’s the same hook from T-Pain and obviously the same verse from Kanye West and truthfully it is that good of a verse that I’m glad they have kept it. Overall i think GLC does pretty well, after hearing him on this track I want to hear even more from him as it seems he has a lot to offer as an artist.

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T-Pain & Kanye West – Flight School

Rumored to be a demo song for GOOD Music (Kanye’s Label) recording artist GLC, However I, like many people think it should be made into a full single, it is something special.

‘Flight School’, consisting of one of the simplest beats you’ve ever heard either of them on, a light piano melody with some added sparkles, really brings some life into it, but the real standout feature about the track is the artists themselves, both Kanye West and T-Pain, deliver vocals that we’re accustomed to, the thing is, that it just solidifies them among the greats of today, T-Pain really brings out the soul on this track, i felt like the song related to me, Mr West brings out some of the greatest lines ever with more confidence and composure on the mic than we’re used to hearing, especially his last part,

“Shit, These last years been a Hayes (haze) like Isaac, so i close my eyes tighter than asian eyes get, realise i got the same wings angels fly with, with Louis Vuitton feathers..now that’s some fly shit”,

it really emphasizes how great of an artist Kanye West is and overall with the self proclaimed ringleader himself T-Pain, it show good a song Flight School really is.

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