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Dream Mclean – Experiment Gone Wrong

Who said the UK hasn’t got enough talent?

Among the sea of emcees, another rises to the tide, this time in the form of Dream Mclean, a young emcee with plenty potential.

His first single, ‘Experiment Gone Wrong’ is an answer to critics (Haters) whilst serving as an introduction to those who don’t know about him. Experiment Gone Wrong provides Dream with the perfect canvas for him to paint his picture. Produced by Skeamz and Tru Omega, the track possesses a hard-hitting beat and a cleverly cut sample tied up between a rhythmic synth and the emcee makes the most of it!

The first thing that stands out is Dream Mclean’s voice, it has a presence about it, something that alot of emcees lack and therefore get looked over, then there are those that have the voice but not the content, Dream Mclean however has both. Loaded with metaphors and punchlines (I couldn’t even decide which line to highlight), he controls the beat, confidence in his ability is evident and composure on the mic like a veteran, the level of potential is extremely high and can only go from strength to strength.
Dream Mclean should not be looked at as ‘just another rapper’, he might just be raising the level for future artists, he’s already made the competition harder for those already in the game.

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