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Dream Mclean – Durag Beckham

“Love, they don’t show enough..”

Around 2013, Dream Mclean was on an ascension, standing out amongst the generic sounds, with his distinct tone and modern take on British culture, before it was even understood let alone accepted, before there was a Slowthai, his sound & style was gaining him a fanbase (mentioned amongst the likes of CasIsDead), that included his peers, most notably Professor Green. Like so many potentials around that time, I guess the industry was not at the same stage, and though he continued, and as part of the collective Monster Florence (featuring long term associate Siris), despite the quality and sound, it still did not quite connect as deserved, which brings us a couple years later to his new solo release, Durag Beckham.

I randomly came across the post, of the infamous Durag Beckham pic (when he met Prince Charles), with Dream captioning it, “feeling like a new me”, and then the trailer. With one of my earliest reviews being of Dream himself (like 10 years ago), my appreciation of his talent or belief in him remains, and so I was not only intrigued to hear, but to see if he’s able to sustain that momentum in today’s climate.

“I feel like a new man, I feel like David Beckham in a Durag..”

Produced by New Machine (one of the more heralded underground producers), someone who I’ve come to hear a lot of quality from (through his work with Phaze What), it was no surprise to hear something that sounds so left, yet fits right into what’s current today. The combination of a melodic loop caged between a catchy drum pattern, with a kick that you feel in your neck (props to mastering from none other than The Last Skeptik) with it’s laid-back sound yet uptempo energy, it’s easy for the lyricist to deliver a breezy flow, that slaloms on the beat, ultimately creating this wavy track. It’s cool, catchy and if you pay attention, it’s somewhat addressing this new feel and direction, and as a sign of more to come, I hope it’s pivotal in re-establishing himself as one of the more exciting acts in the country.


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No Hats No Trainers Cypher 3

With the first two cyphers being a proven success, bringing together a nexus of talent, we now bring you Cypher 3, featuring the previously reviewed Dream Mclean (I told you he was one to watch!), Random Impulse, Griminal and Lioness.

I’ll forever cosign Dream Mclean as he is a raw talent with lyrical ability, flow plus a voice with a presence, more so he is himself and always trying to improve, which in my opinion are traits of a quality artist in this field. Random Impulse really took this opportunity to shine, with his charisma fuelled wordplay, definitely throwing a few standout bars, setting up Griminal, an artist who needs no introduction, he has been a prominent name within the scene for many years and we’re still far from seeing the best from him, potential is high as he spazzes out. Last but not least, Lioness represents for the strong minded ladies, proving some of the best emcees are not just males, controlling the tempo with added confidence, she rounds off yet another impressive cypher.

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Dream Mclean

Having heard the young emcee and then seeing his video for Experiment Gone Wrong, I was quick to review and full of positives, I tipped the emcee to make the step to artist and begin pushing his career even further, he has everything, people just need to listen.

Fast forward towards the end of the year and he recently went on DJ Cameo’s 1Xtra radio show alongside producer Terror Danjah, this is what happend:

Since then, there has been a buzz circulating and he is being exposed to more people each day, I have to admit, I am really proud of him, still a while away from fulfulling his potential but really glad that people are starting to take notice.

Next up, this freestyle:

His talent is speaking volumes as he approaches each new platform, the toughest thing sometimes is that I cannot help these talents as much as I would like to, however in the form of Terror Danjah who is responsible for spotting a lot of the talent within the scene has taken Dream Mclean under his wing, which he will definitely benefit from, he has the talent, sound and image, combined with hard work, he is destined for success.

Make sure you visit Dream Mclean’s Official Myspace where you can download his mixtape for FREE.

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Dream Mclean – Experiment Gone Wrong

Who said the UK hasn’t got enough talent?

Among the sea of emcees, another rises to the tide, this time in the form of Dream Mclean, a young emcee with plenty potential.

His first single, ‘Experiment Gone Wrong’ is an answer to critics (Haters) whilst serving as an introduction to those who don’t know about him. Experiment Gone Wrong provides Dream with the perfect canvas for him to paint his picture. Produced by Skeamz and Tru Omega, the track possesses a hard-hitting beat and a cleverly cut sample tied up between a rhythmic synth and the emcee makes the most of it!

The first thing that stands out is Dream Mclean’s voice, it has a presence about it, something that alot of emcees lack and therefore get looked over, then there are those that have the voice but not the content, Dream Mclean however has both. Loaded with metaphors and punchlines (I couldn’t even decide which line to highlight), he controls the beat, confidence in his ability is evident and composure on the mic like a veteran, the level of potential is extremely high and can only go from strength to strength.
Dream Mclean should not be looked at as ‘just another rapper’, he might just be raising the level for future artists, he’s already made the competition harder for those already in the game.

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