Bluey Robinson, Remember the name!

As a fan of music first, it doesn’t matter what genre, or where the artist is from, if the music is good then i listen to it. Even though I’m British (and proud), I’m never biased, but sometimes I hear an artist that justifies my belief that there is talent in the UK as good as those looked up to in America, if not better.

And so I bring to you…

Bluey Robinson

Bluey Robinson‘, I start with his name simply because it is all about him, this boy has some serious talent, a voice that makes you believe that without a doubt singing is a God given gift.

Originally, all I knew of him was what he looked like as he appeared in the video for G-FrShDo It, but this guy is more than ladies’ eye candy.

A friend of mine reminded me about him and so i decided to look into it, so i opened up YouTube and searched for him (, he has posted a spoof video for his track ‘Give Me A Sign‘, firstly the video shows off his personality, he comes across as a fun-loving kid that enjoys performing, the song itself reminded me of the 80’s funk era, the real catchy tracks that you just couldn’t help but to move and sing along to.

Lyrically he shows great promise as a song writer but even more promise as the full package as his voice just has something about it, I’m not comparing but the first artist that came to mind when i heard him was Michael Jackson, maybe he sung the song in a similar way i don’t know, but that is where the next videos come in. A video of him at an underground station, where he starts to sing (whilst a lifeless set of people are waiting for their tube), this is live singing, the real stuff and he sounded so good..I’m here wondering why he has not been picked up by a major label?!

I clicked on video after video, watching his renditions of classics by the likes of Stevie Wonder, BoyzIIMen and Dru Hill, to him singing at an NY Metro station, then i came across Think of Me (Live), for a song that is meant to be a one take effort, i was amazed, the content, the delivery, he kept it British with his pronunciation, Bluey Robinson could match many singers in the USA, he is no doubt one to watch for the future.

Loaded with talent and the kind of charisma and personality that you can’t help but to like him even if you don’t know him personally, potential wise, he’s the best prospect in this country that I’ve seen since Craig David emerged onto the scene. with the right label and promotion, Bluey has every ability for him to succeed internationally as a singing sensation.

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3 thoughts on “Bluey Robinson, Remember the name!

  1. Leah Mckenzie says:

    This guy is incredible and you are right Faris he does have the whole package.From what i have esperienced from him ,only being an associate of blueys i can only say that as a person he is a bright light and full of fun, he is one of a group young people representing britain and doing it in a way that we need to be over proud and support them to the top,because belive thats where they are going to.
    As for his song
    Think of me
    it blew me away and gives me butterflies easy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    is eoghan quigg?

    lets see the full video of Bluey singing an acoustic cover of MJ’s – Off The Wall, which was pretty good!!

    • faris says:

      it was pretty good indeed, however, it is extremely unfortunate that there is not a full version, hopefully, there will be one in the future.

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