D-Fam – You’re My Baby

When the heart of the UK’s biggest urban collective introduces a group or artist, everyone has to take note. so when So Solid Crew’s Megaman introduced us to D-Fam, a collective of young talented rappers and singers, everyone’s ears were open and the addictive single that was Whatever You Want, really had their buzz growing.

09 and they have returned with ‘You’re My Baby‘, featuring a more mature ‘Taj’ and ‘Castro’ leading the vocals, new member ‘Junks’ and ‘Jemmel’ (who vocally reminds me of a young Babyface) serenading the ladies with the hook. The track itself is easy to listen to, it’s far from gritty and the explicit urban culture that the genre gets stereotyped with yet possesses that street element with the presence of Taj (I still think we have not heard the best of him yet) and a slick looking Castro. Castro is someone to watch not just in front of the camera, he reminds me of when Megaman was fresh on the scene, more than just one of the rappers, a young entrepreneur out to fulfill ambitions, hopefully he and his collective D-Fam can match and even surpass the success and create their own legacy, with the guys all in their early 20’s, time is definitely on their side.

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