Tinie but in a big way!!

Sometimes an artist does not get the recognition they deserve, this time it is Tinie Tempah.

I remember a while back, watching a remix video for a ‘Bruza’ tune, it had some of his ‘Aftershock’ artists including a young Tinie Tempah, instantly i felt like this kid could be big in the coming years. Years later, Tinie Tempah is now considered as one of the best artists the country has to offer.

He first landed onto the scene with the hit Wifey, gaining constant play wherever it was available, be it radio, TV or your friend’s ipod! He then came back with the anthem Hood Economics, following the now growing buzz, Tinie kept the fans happy with an appearance on Agent X and Ultra’s Perfect Girl. He then went on to shatter the mainstream window with the release of Tears.

After successfully cementing his status as one of the premier emcees in the country, Tinie Tempah has not rested but instead increased the work ethic with the release of ‘Sexy Beast’. In addition to this, Tinie recently went on the Tim Westwood show and proved any critic he may have wrong as well as gain more fans, truly an excellent performance, content, style, delivery, swagger ..you name it, he was pouring it out, lines like, “British and Fly..Alexander McQueen, I’m a marketing dream” help push him as an artist into the elite category, somewhere he deserves to be.

Possessing lyrics, flow, confidence and overall a strong desire and ambition, Tinie Tempah has no reason to not be even more successful and not just in the UK!!

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One thought on “Tinie but in a big way!!

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