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Tinie Tempah – Holy Moly

I remember predicting his mainstream rise back in 2009, not long after Pass Out was released, and I guess the rest as they say is history, he went on to break all sorts of records and boundaries as a premier artist, despite criticisms, but focused as ever, the London artist continued to prevail and withstand adversity, not only in becoming an elite act, but maintaining the position.

Fast forward to 2017, with the release of his third album, Youth, Tinie established a new narrative for urban music within the UK, silencing critics and removing the smoke and mirrors to reveal the levels of success he has actually achieved, to show the breakthrough and game-changing strides taken. His album boasted some of the biggest singles of the year, the acts and producers worked with have gone onto gain more success, producer Nana Rogues for example, who since has worked with superstar Drake on his More Life project. A portrayal of Tinie’s status can be depicted through the latest video, Holy Moly

A more aggressive tone from the usually laid-back rapper, it has more boastful nuances than usual, but it’s not only motivational, setting him a part from those with negative opinions but it’s also unapologetic, as he unleashes upon the uptempo Shift K3y production, highlighting his success but also the work rate that went in towards obtaining as such. Tinie and his Disturbing London imprint (along side his manager Dumi Oburota) have continued to go from strength to strength, with regular festival residencies, from Ibiza to Dubai, a partnership with Smart car, and not to mention the growing roster, featuring African superstar Wiz Kid.

This video, filmed across Europe, for a track that balances the more clean-cut tracks, compliments the record and helps visualise not only the mindset but Tinie’s artistry which tends to get overlooked by his actual success. For anyone assuming there was a decline or inconsistency, thinking again, as Tinie Tempah’s passion for music, the evident work ethic and undeniable business acumen is only propelling him even further.

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Tinchy Stryder – GAME OVER ft. Giggs, Pro Green, Tinie Tempah, Devlin, Example & Chipmunk

With the current dominance of Urban artists and music in general within the charts, it is safe to say that the scene is being recognized, regardless of who or how, the fact that so many artists are able to crossover into mainstream status and be considered household names is a big accomplishment for an ever-growing industry.

So no greater way to celebrate such an achievement than with a track like this.


As Tinchy Stryder prepares to release his new album Third Strike, he brings us this monstrous anthem, featuring a plethora of talent, the best thing about this line-up is its range of diversity.

1. Giggs, the elite rapper kicks it off with his distinct raw style & sound, cementing his authority on the track as well as the industry (despite their efforts to restrict his movement),

2. Pro Green, the quirky wordsmith is finally reaping rewards for all his hard work and takes this in his stride with a cocky yet clever lyrical combination,

3. Tinie Tempah, the two-time number 1 star is on a successful role and his delivery on this is a testament to his growth from chart newcomer to a resident member of that premier section of artists.

4. Devlin has made a huge impact in the scene, having been a dominant name within the Grime scene for years, the youngster makes the leap into chart status and he does not hold back on this, definitely one of the better verses.

5. Example, this verse was a complete surprise to many, he deserves his place but he really takes this opportunity and puts it in a headlock, merging a new and old school style with his own delivery, it strangely reminds me of Roots Manuva at times, it is without doubt a really good effort.

6. Chipmunk, i think everybody expected more from the young mainstream phenom, however it a bad verse, its cocky, confident and raw, reminds me of Dubz at one point, which can’t be a bad thing. Munk’s offering definitely takes time to grow in comparison to the others but good none the less.

7. Tinchy Stryder, Cloud 9 Strydes steps up to platform and truly delivers, considered my most as one of the best verses we have heard from him in a while, he definitely switches the level for this one and stamps his mark within the game.

Together, these seven artists really take a stand for the scene, showing variety as well as unity among artists in every tier of the charts.

Here is the Mobo performance:
To me this appeared like the TV series Heroes, at one point you have each artist on one stage with their own “power”, an immense occasion in the scene’s history.

Bonus: there is no way i could leave this out..

Sway really delivering something spectacular as he promotes his new mixtape The Delivery 2

Giggs – Hustle On OUT NOW!
Devlin – Runaway OUT NOW!

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Tinie Tempah – Pass Out (Official Video)

Tinie Tempah kicks off his Parlophone debut with this new video for the anthem, Pass Out.

Pass Out looks more like a taster for what is expected to come from the new major label signee, Tinie Tempah has put in a lot of work for this moment right here, so it is only fair for him to be the focus of this video, complete with special effects and a host of cameos from the likes of Skepta, JME, G-FrSH & Wretch32.

Produced by up and coming producer ‘Labrynth’ (who features in the video), the record is ‘different’ to say the least, more than anything I love the fact that this record is so unique and distinct yet still so successful, it is actually unpolished and raw, which is why so many people both underground and commercially are taking to it, this is a clear example of why following the generic sounds of modern music is not always a good thing, it may lead to a quick success, however, in regards to music, creativity and individuality is always a plus point, definitely a breakthrough track, one that will help put both Tinie Tempah & Labrynth in further spotlight as their careers continue to flourish.

It is definitely a new step for Tinie, but he seems more than ready, expect more big things to come from Tinie Tempah and Parlophone/EMI in 2010.

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Mark Henry – FLYGERIAN ft. G-FrSH, Tinie Tempah, Bigz & Dotstar

This should be the Nigerian national team’s track when they walk out onto the peach of any game, they should definitely listen to this in the changing rooms, they will not need any encouragement, the feeling of this song would do it all.

Mark Henry has been in the scene for a while, respected for his abilities, he was at times shadowing fellow emcee Sincere, however of late the two have been a tag-team in the industry and raising their status, Mark Henry steps into the spotlight for this one, displaying the reasons he is regarded as one of the best emcees, he enlists the help of G-FrSH for that extra dimension, a star in his own right, G-FrSH has proved that he is one of, if not the best entrepeneur, this year he has proved he is also one of the best rappers, Tinie Tempah (now a Major recording artist) takes the track somewhere else, he is the perfect example of variation, he provides his fast flow and witty lyrics setting up the flamboyant Bigz, who just unleashes his Nigerian passion onto the beat, the beat itself (which is co-produced by Mark Henry) is extremely catchy, fusing a modern and traditional sounds, it is done well, and even if you’re not Nigerian you cannot help but to like this. Flygerian also features mr ransom himself, the young Dotstar aka Lagos Boy, who provides a verse for the younger audience, this offers the track as a whole a lot of diversity and range, I was dissapointed that the original casting was not kept, which had SAS in place of Dotstar, but maybe the song would have too long, either way, this is a unifying classic, with an entertaining video, directed by Jak FrSH, capturing their modern lifestyles with their traditional values, the eagle is an immense addition, an overall great offering.

Ima Flygeriaaaan, Flygeriaaan

"I'ma Flygeriaaaan, Flygeriaaan"

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G – FrSH – Afar ft. Tinie Tempah & Deniro from D-Fam (Official Video)

Recently reviewed this track, I highlighted the unique factor that it possesses and the video just emphasizes my point even more, as the video itself is a quality production.

Directed by none other than Jak Frsh, one of the best directors in the country (his portfolio of previous work proves it). The quality is reminiscent of the mainstream standard videos from the So Solid Crew, this however takes things to a higher platform, with the POV (point of view) style sequences, the special effects compliment the visuals as the synths do for the audio. I like the blend of styles within, as it keeps you watching, almost as if you’re there with them. The best thing about this video is that it compliments the song extremely well, just like G-FrSH raises the standard from his last single (Do It), so does this video. With cameos from heavyweights such as Wretch 32 and Scorcher, both G and Tinie Tempah’s performances and the quality of the video itself, Afar should help FrSH entertainment go even higher as they set a new standard.

Fáris Rating:

“Cos She Knows I’m That Guy, She Knows Who I Are, I’m Sippin’ On My Drink And I’m Just Watchin’ from Afar, I Watch Her While She Laughs, I Watch Her When She Dance, The DJs Playin’ Funky, But Shes Got Me In A Trance, She Knows I Can’t Tech (Take) – No, No..For An Answer..”


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G-FrSH – Afar ft. Tinie Tempah

G-FrSh returns with the follow up to the club anthem Do It, with Afar, featuring none other than Tinie Tempah, Afar is set to be another hit for G and Frsh Entertainment, the video is coming soon, directed by Jak Frsh so you already know it is going to be something special.

Afar (produced by ‘Sleepz’) is a mid-tempo track, the drum pattern is unique in the way it varies in speed and sound yet fits perfectly together, the real pace of the track is added by the synth, a wavy blend of sounds, the synth remains consistent yet the intensity of it changes which adds depth to the song, throw in some spacey sounds in the right places and you have one of the most innovative and versatile beat I’ve heard in a while.

G-FrSH goes in from the first line,
Some Say I’m Shy, Other People Call It Nervous, Some Say I’m Fly..And I’m Doin’ It On Purpose“,
controlling the tempo smoothly as he continues,
‘Cos She Knows I’m That Guy, And She Knows Who I Are, I’m Sippin’ On My Drink And I’m Just Watchin’ From Afar, I Watch Her While She Laughs, I Watch Her When She Dance, The DJs Playin’ Funky But She Got Me In A Trance..“,
with a greater presence on a track than I have heard from him and G-FrSH is someone who (to me) always had presence and stood out on a song, so it just highlights even more so the improvement he has made in his career as a rapper.

Tinie Tempah has one of the most consistent verses you will have heard in a long time, so good that I’m spoilt for choice as to which line was the best one, definitely a good feature on this hit and even takes it to another level in terms of it’s appeal to a broader range of fans.

Afar is certainly another hit for G-FrSH and FrSH entertainment who continue to deliver quality whether it is with their music, their standard of videos or the FrSH clothing line. After hearing this track, I can’t wait to hear more from the album.

Fáris Rating


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Lady Ny – Birthday Sex REMIX

The UK singer puts her own twist on the Jeremih chart-blazer that is Birthday Sex,

Firstly, the original Jeremih – Birthday Sex has become a major success for the young singer, so successful that many artists have done their remixes, including UK’s own Tinie Tempah, Wretch 32 flipped it completely with First Place Wretch, Teairra Mari’s version was so good..she pretty much made it her own, even Brooke Hogan has a remix, however, now comes another remix but a unique one.

The extremely talented and just as beautiful Lady Ny has put out what I think is the best remix so far, the best thing about this track is that she does not follow the original’s catchy flow, Tiearra Mari literally reversed the roles and sang the same lyrics as Jeremih, however, with this effort Lady Ny has written a whole new song, her voice sounding better than ever, soft and smooth yet powerful and full of feeling, one of the biggest things missing in many of today’s singers is ‘soul’, that believable feeling, that relation, the way you feel when you hear someone like Robin Thicke grace the mic or even the late and great Marvin Gaye, Lady Ny has soul in abundance as she controls the melody, creating a classic of her own.

Fáris Rating:

Her single Dangerous is OUT NOW, make sure you get that, it’s a BIG track!! (check the OneFáris review for it if you haven’t already)

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Tinie but in a big way!!

Sometimes an artist does not get the recognition they deserve, this time it is Tinie Tempah.

I remember a while back, watching a remix video for a ‘Bruza’ tune, it had some of his ‘Aftershock’ artists including a young Tinie Tempah, instantly i felt like this kid could be big in the coming years. Years later, Tinie Tempah is now considered as one of the best artists the country has to offer.

He first landed onto the scene with the hit Wifey, gaining constant play wherever it was available, be it radio, TV or your friend’s ipod! He then came back with the anthem Hood Economics, following the now growing buzz, Tinie kept the fans happy with an appearance on Agent X and Ultra’s Perfect Girl. He then went on to shatter the mainstream window with the release of Tears.

After successfully cementing his status as one of the premier emcees in the country, Tinie Tempah has not rested but instead increased the work ethic with the release of ‘Sexy Beast’. In addition to this, Tinie recently went on the Tim Westwood show and proved any critic he may have wrong as well as gain more fans, truly an excellent performance, content, style, delivery, swagger ..you name it, he was pouring it out, lines like, “British and Fly..Alexander McQueen, I’m a marketing dream” help push him as an artist into the elite category, somewhere he deserves to be.

Possessing lyrics, flow, confidence and overall a strong desire and ambition, Tinie Tempah has no reason to not be even more successful and not just in the UK!!

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