Tinchy Stryder – Number 1?

the question mark is because I think like everyone else in the scene that this new single has the potential to make that Number 1 spot.

Tinchy Stryder has always been the at the forefront of the Ruff Squad and Dappy is the most recognizable member of Platinum selling N-Dubz, so when you put them together, you are bound to get more than just a collaboration.

Tinchy Stryder has been in the game for a while now, his constant hard work has been paying off and after securing the number 3 spot with ‘Take Me Back’ featuring Taio Cruz, it is only right that the charts take him back and place him at the top spot, simply as not many people can say that they truely deserve it, Stryder can.

As for Number 1, it does not have the instant cathy factor that Take Me Back possessed, however it has the major feel, two of the country’s best talents coming together with a feel good song, they both add their own qualities and Dappy goes on to prove that he really is a force in the industry, I’m sure both have dealt with set backs and many laughing at the idea that they could have such impacts individualy in the music industry, with that, you can sense the eagerness, the hunger and the determination for Number 1 to be a number one.

I think this is just a start, for both Stryder and N-Dubz, both are talented enough to build upon their success so far and open the doors for more talent to shine through.

The single will be out 20th April, so you know to support that!

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