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Tinchy Stryder – GAME OVER ft. Giggs, Pro Green, Tinie Tempah, Devlin, Example & Chipmunk

With the current dominance of Urban artists and music in general within the charts, it is safe to say that the scene is being recognized, regardless of who or how, the fact that so many artists are able to crossover into mainstream status and be considered household names is a big accomplishment for an ever-growing industry.

So no greater way to celebrate such an achievement than with a track like this.


As Tinchy Stryder prepares to release his new album Third Strike, he brings us this monstrous anthem, featuring a plethora of talent, the best thing about this line-up is its range of diversity.

1. Giggs, the elite rapper kicks it off with his distinct raw style & sound, cementing his authority on the track as well as the industry (despite their efforts to restrict his movement),

2. Pro Green, the quirky wordsmith is finally reaping rewards for all his hard work and takes this in his stride with a cocky yet clever lyrical combination,

3. Tinie Tempah, the two-time number 1 star is on a successful role and his delivery on this is a testament to his growth from chart newcomer to a resident member of that premier section of artists.

4. Devlin has made a huge impact in the scene, having been a dominant name within the Grime scene for years, the youngster makes the leap into chart status and he does not hold back on this, definitely one of the better verses.

5. Example, this verse was a complete surprise to many, he deserves his place but he really takes this opportunity and puts it in a headlock, merging a new and old school style with his own delivery, it strangely reminds me of Roots Manuva at times, it is without doubt a really good effort.

6. Chipmunk, i think everybody expected more from the young mainstream phenom, however it a bad verse, its cocky, confident and raw, reminds me of Dubz at one point, which can’t be a bad thing. Munk’s offering definitely takes time to grow in comparison to the others but good none the less.

7. Tinchy Stryder, Cloud 9 Strydes steps up to platform and truly delivers, considered my most as one of the best verses we have heard from him in a while, he definitely switches the level for this one and stamps his mark within the game.

Together, these seven artists really take a stand for the scene, showing variety as well as unity among artists in every tier of the charts.

Here is the Mobo performance:
To me this appeared like the TV series Heroes, at one point you have each artist on one stage with their own “power”, an immense occasion in the scene’s history.

Bonus: there is no way i could leave this out..

Sway really delivering something spectacular as he promotes his new mixtape The Delivery 2

Giggs – Hustle On OUT NOW!
Devlin – Runaway OUT NOW!

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Rapid – GO

Ruff Sqwad’s Rapid has dominated the scene with consistant hits as a producer (as well as producing and featuring on Tinchy Stryder’s Catch 22 album), now he takes it to another level, stepping forward as an artist, presenting Rapid – GO:

GO is the first single taken from his forthcoming album, one of the most hard working musicians, Rapid juggles his career in music alongside a University course as he is currently studying towards a degree, so it is safe to assume that he is focused and determined, the single shows that, not only through his lyrics which are clever and simple to absorb at the same time, the record is inspirational and the choice of instruments and sounds really provide the emphasis for such a feeling. Rapid’s productions are famous for their ‘snares’ and ‘kicks’, the drum patterns are always moving and perfectly placed over a foundation of bass, GO is no different, it is the ideal instrumental for Rapid to introduce himself to a larger demographic.

The video is entertaining with shades of humour, it matches the sound with its raw yet mainstream compatability, directed by Luke Biggins, who uses a range of camera angles edited precisely to the track, this creates the intense feel, you just find yourself engulfed into the entire production. Quality based, this track and video deserves mainstream recognition, radio spins and TV play too. A great effort from the multi-talented artist who despite his success and recognition still remains humble and thankful, this may be the first you’ll hear from him but it certainly will not be the last.

Follow Rapid on Twitter, http://twitter.com/PrinceRapid

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Wiley – Take That (Official Video)

The track has been heavily rotated on radio and the video is doing the same on TV, having already gathered over 150,000 views of one video alone (there is this particular one which is taken from Wiley’s own Youtube channel, there are then two more videos courtesy of Universal and Island records’ Youtube channels).

The unique production is courtest of Chew Fu, who fuses Electro, Drum & Bass and Grime to create an edgy up-tempo platform for Wiley to step up a level, Wiley sounds as comfortable and in his zone as ever, Wiley’s lyrical delivery is Grime, sounding like he has a point to prove, whereas the structure itself is more suited for a commercial audience. A clever anthem, as well as a much needed approval to end the year with after this years chart domination from fellow Grime rooted artists Dizzee Rascal, Tinchy Stryder (who makes a cameo as Wiley refers to stryderman in the song) and Chipmunk, Wiley is more than an emcee, he has created a legacy in regards to UK urban music, with many strongly beleiving that Wiley should have been where Dizzee Rascal is a long time ago, however everything happens for a reason, each artist has their position, While Dizzee Rascal plays his role in diluting if not ending stereotypes, Wiley has helped build a large family of talent, continously bringing through new artists, such as recent Number 1 chart topper..Chipmunk, Tinchy Stryder has always been tipped for success by Wiley himself, therefore I beleive many do not give Wiley the respect and acknowledgement he deserves, those who feel that he has fallen off, should listen to the lyrics clearly as he is speaking to you.

Wiley has stepped up the work rate and this is the first single from his forthcoming album, he has a new record deal, a new motivation it seems and definitely expect quality new music for a man who will forever be known as a pioneer in defining a sound that the UK can call their own.

The video, like the song is unique, it is has a dark essence to it whilst mixing lighting and colour to maximize effect and emphasis, the effects work well and overall Take That possesses an epic element, a track certainly deserving of support especially from the UK, if this record makes it to number 1, it will bridge the success of this year with the success to come in the next one.

Wiley - Take That ..Available to purchase December 28th!!

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Griminal – Invincible (Official Video)

After Dizzee, Came Tinchy Stryder, following him was Chipmunk, all successfully topping the charts, stepping up next to continue this new tradition is UKs favourite bad boy Griminal, this is the first single, Invincible:

A lot of people have criticized Griminal for ‘going mainstream’, however even more people are supporting the move and feel that he has managed to maintain more of a Grime essence than the previous three’s chart topping records all together, so not only are old fans remaining ever loyal..he is gaining a whole new range of fans (100,000 views within 3 days).

I like the track, Its catchy in a raw sort of way, I really like the beat, its just got a nice vibe to it and its crisp quality balances with Griminal’s raw delivery, lyrically, the Narsty crew saviour is far more talented, thing is, if he was to get too lyrical on this record..it would just go over many people’s heads and if Griminal wants to walk through that mainstream door then he has to be smart about it, despite what people say, Chipmunk’s debut album ‘I Am Chipmunk’ had pop-glazed singles kept within an urban casing and a Grime core, it was responded to as Grime/Pop, genre-merging is essential in any chart, 50 Cent is set to release an album more violent than his debut Get Rich or Die Tryin’, however the first two singles are ‘Baby By Me ft. Ne-Yo’ and ‘Do You Think About Me’, so rather than losing faith, people should show support and spend a mere 79p on the single, it saves you time on finding a good quality version of the file too and you won’t go to hell (lol).

The video, directed by Carly Cusson, is a good look, it is not an amazing video but it is not a poor video either, I think it offers good visuals for the record, featuring a cameo from the beautiful and talented Mz Bratt (I think she should jump on the beat and do an official remix, although that would create even more rumours), the chemistry is good, both seem to be good actors so it seems music is not their only avenue, I love the fact that Griminal is allowed the freedom to be himself, it is a contrast to Chipmunk, who I guess many will pair up as rivals, but truthfully both are mature enough to use that to their advantage rather than develop issues off the mic, the future looks good for the scene as there is just so much talent, best of luck to Griminal, make sure you support him, because once we dominate the charts here, then we can spread the success globally ..UK Stand Up

GrimInAl Ways - coming 2010

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Rapid – Go (Preview)

Ruff Sqwad’s producer/artist Rapid, famous for producing numerous hits for the likes of fellow Ruff Sqwad member and two time Number 1 chart topper Tinchy Stryder, as well as Underground legend such as Ghetto is launching his own solo attack on the scene, originally an emcee, not many people know that he is as prolific on the mic as he is behind the beats, Rapid answers the critics with this preview:

A video has been shot as you can see from the snap shots within the video, look out for a lot of quality from one of the UKs elite producers and now set to fully establish himself as an artist.

Also, look out for his clothing line Hooze Redi ..coming soon


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Mobo Awards controversy

The Mobo Awards appeared to be a successful event, it was a proud moment for the UK, watching the opening performance by Tinchy Stryder (with a feature from Ndubz’s Dappy), another by Chipmunk and DJ Ironik, JLS and Ndubz, you could sense the atmosphere, the british acts were claiming their position, however, even though JLS won (two), Chipmunk returned to win another, Ndubz won two awards, I was dissapointed that Sean Paul won best Reggae Artist when there were more deserving acts nominated, Bashy and Master Shortie were the two unsigned acts and I felt it would be a big acheivement for them if they won, especially Bashy as he has come a long way since his early grime mixtape days. The biggest controversy however, was the fact that Tinchy Stryder and Dizzee Rascal did not win, based on a voting system it was strange and surprising that despite the success of the UK artists, two time Number 1 charting, Tinchy Stryder who also had the Number 2 album in the country did not win, nor did three time Number 1 charting (in a row) Dizzee Rascal.

Keri Hilson who was co-presenting won as well as Beyonce, I wish I was there, I would have done a ‘Kanye’ and made my point clear, maybe next time.

I think we have taken a big step, we expected or felt that we deserved more for the clear domination that we have had on the charts this year, I was even more so annoyed that Taio Cruz came on to support Keri Hilson and sung Ne-Yo’s part for her single Knock Me Down (when he is a talented writer himself), again, maybe this is a smaller step than we thought and as long as we continue making good music and remaining consistent with our chart domination then we will scale further heights, still you cannot help but to feel for Tinchy Stryder who really deserved some recognition for his acheivements.

Until next years awards..

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Mclean – Broken

There comes a time where I hear a song from a british artist that makes me feel proud to be british, this is one of those moments for me, Introducing Mclean with Broken:

This song really needs to description, one of those timeless classics that speaks for itself, Mclean’s voice so beautifully manages to transcend the emotion from his soul to your ears, upon a soft production, the drum pattern is catchy and offers a foundation for the melody which guides you through a journey of emotion.

As a vocalist, Mclean is so talented, so natural and his execution of the song really makes it stand out, I am a fan of his from this one song, definitely look forward to hearing more from this outstanding singer.

Look out for the remix with none other than Tinchy Stryder:

Another remix I really like is this with emcee Professor Green:

Professor Green is an underrated emcee and he really grasps the concept well, showing he can deliver his lyrical ability with heartfelt emotion behind it, really compliments the song.

Click image to visit his myspace

Click image to visit his myspace

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La Roux La Wrong?

So today, I wake up and check my twitter, only to see many people commenting about La Roux apparently criticizing Tinchy Stryder, now if you have witnessed Tinchy Stryder’s career from the beginning, then you cannot help but to like, be happy for him and hope his success continues. Now, La Roux had an opinion before regarding R&B as “very kind of empty, like hollow and not rooted in anything good or healthy”, to an extent I can agree, of late R&B has not been as creative and soulful as it once was, everybody is entitled to their own opinion and so that matter faded (like her popularity among many), she also had an opinion about the lack of musical quality in contrast to amount of skin shown, which is a fair opinion again, I agree that the music should be the selling point not the appearance, she went on to say, “You shouldn’t be selling records because you’re half naked – if you want to do that be a porn star.” – I agree with that statement 100%. Thing is, I am was a fan of La Roux, the music was good, it was different, it was quality, but by making a statement regarding a hard working artist who has faced far more difficulties and hurdles in his career alone than she has in her life is extremely unfair and unacceptable.

La Roux lead singer Elly Jackson claimed Tinchy Stryder to be overrated:

“George Michael wrote ‘Careless Whisper’ when he was 17,” she told The Guardian. “I didn’t see Tinchy Stryder writing a song like that when he was 17, but he still gets the same praise.

Now, everybody is entitled to their own opinion but this seems like a Kanye West-like unnessacary rant, George Michael was and is an amazing talent, ignoring his private life in which he has faced his own trials and tribulations, he did offer some amazing songs, Careless Whisper is an evergreen classic and for him to write that at the age of 17 is remarkable, but Tinchy Stryder has come a very long way, he had his own battles in life, he is more of an inspiration to the youth than George Michael will ever be, in an era where kids are so easily lead astray, Stryder has continued to show focus and determination, not afraid of hard work and he is now receiving his much deserved success, both George Michael & Tinchy Stryder are two different individuals let alone artists, Elly Jackson has no idea of the difficulty Tinchy Stryder has had to face in his career alone, consistantly pushed aside for a more ‘acceptable’ act, many artists including miss Jackson and La Roux would have quit their profession ages ago under such scrutiny and stereotyping.

I think this desperate attempt for attention should be received with neglect for her talent as she seems to do so for Tinchy Stryder’s, he is extremely talented in his own right, as she is, it is a shame as I like her music. It is easy to look at her as overrated but we do not, we appreciate her and her talent as she should for other artists.



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Kano – Rock N Rolla (Official Video)

There is no denying that this will be another successful single for the East London emcee, however, it is debatable whether this classifies as Grime, if not, has Kano left the scene again or are we understanding that he is an artist allowed to experiment?

In all honesty I am dissapointed with the video, the Justin Timberlake – My Love graphics add a lack of originality, which does not help the fact that Kano himself is using Autotune which has not been considered original for a while, production is similar to Tinchy Stryder’s current sound, but for feeling and feel good factor it is loaded and will definitely have everyone moving, especially in the clubs. It seems more like a buzz single, which although I feel deserved a better visual, it is different for a Grime video, it has certain elements and flavours to it which will help it stand out and make it appealing. Kano returned to the Grime scene with his previous album 140 Grime street, which although had one video and release, it did not receive the same reception as his previous two efforts, therefore it seems Kano is looking to go back and reclaim his status as not just a premier emcee but one of the countries premier artists.

Its K-A!!

"Its K-A!!

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The STAR IN THE HOOD looks set to be in line for his third number 1 with this latest effort.

The club anthem sample, the catchy and distinct flow, this epic number, dispite having two number ones already, looks set to be Stryder’s coronation as a mainstream success.



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