Introducing The Talent that is TEEZY!!

Teezy, i remember seeing his video for Take Your Shoes Off on the then named Channel U (Now Channel AKA for those that do not know), but at the time, I was not sure what to expect, I knew he could dance but the song felt generic (in my opinion).

However, I recently saw a video of him perform it live and my opinion swayed heavily, i would pay good money to see such a performance, check it out yourself:

More than a dancer, Teezy was born to perform, his personality and confidence combined make him stand out and what annoys me is that if this was America, Teezy would be everywhere as the next best thing, Chris Brown was well received when people knew that his strongest point was his ability to dance rather than his voice, yet in this country it seems like people are blind to it, I turn on the TV and I’m watching MTV Base and I see all kinds of American acts, don’t get me wrong..I like some of them, but surely BASE could play his new video Tootsie Roll

(I’m eager to hear that track at the end, Wizzy Wow!)

I guess that goes for most UK urban acts, is it us as an audience, are we not making enough of a fuss to see more of own home-grown acts?

Regardless, this review is about Teezy and his talents as an up and coming star for us to be proud of.

Teezy has the talent (both as a rapper and a dancer), he possesses a fresh flow, and if Tootsie Roll is anything to go by, he definitely can get a party started with such anthems, he also has a personality that he brings to the performance, he would be a asset to our charts, it’s urban, it’s young, it’s fun, what more could you want?

After speaking to him briefly, someone with so much talent has not let the rising fame get to him, he is down to earth, easily approachable, like many of the stars in the making in our country, like Bluey Robinson and Marvell, they are level-headed guys just enjoying what they do and thankful for what they have.

(Random note: MTV Bass is playing Newham Generals – Head Get Mangeled, but i wonder who else is watching this at 3am?)

I look forward to hearing more from Teezy as i’m sure anyone that enjoys real fresh sounding music will be, check out his myspace for more on another rising talent.

For those that want to experience the live performance that he brings, then 17th April at the Indigo o2

Shout out to Cyco Logic and the Down Wid It movement!

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