Young Money – Every Girl

After claiming 2008 as his own, The phenomenon that is Lil’ Wayne returns, this time to put his Young Money affiliates under that constant spotlight that the Carter III has helped place upon him.

Introducing Drake (a serious contender for future superstar), Jae Millz (reaping the benefits of his grind), Gudda and Wayne’s long-standing friend and business partner Mack Maine.

The song itself is created to gain attention, to help the transition of these artists under Lil’ Waynes Young Money label, the use of auto tune is higher among the other artists in a bid to have them stand out and have identity of their own, it is more a feel good, light-hearted track which no doubt is the ear opener for some realness that will follow as a Young Money group album is said to be on the way (to be released the same day as Wayne’s rock album ‘Rebirth’).

I think this is a good track for the reason it was made, every artist is given a chance to shine and they all did the job, it will most definitely promote Young Money as more than just what Lil’ Wayne says before a track, the label possesses a talented roster and will not get the same attention anywhere else but with Young Money.

I guess it really is “Young Moula baby!!”

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