Lady Ny – Dangerous (Video)

I reviewed this track a while back (with a little snippet) and have been waiting impatiently for the video, well here it is and what can I say?..if Lady Ny does not get the recognition and success that someone of her talent deserves after this then there is definitely something wrong!!

Like the song itself the video is dark yet sexy with a lot of impact, the song possess a certain spark and in the video that is provided by Lady Ny herself. I always a imagined a club scene video simply because of the feel that the song provides, usually a good song ends up having an average video but in this case, the director did Dangerous justice, maintaining a good balance between the audio and visual, certain shots show a deliberate push for sex appeal, however, they fit with the video well, whilst the special effects help emphasize the scene complimented by Ny’s acting.

It is no secret that I really like the song, now though, I like the video as well. Lady Ny has a voice that matches her outer beauty and with Dangerous must surely have a hit on her hands.

Fáris’ Rating:

I’m feeling generous today, or maybe I just think that you all should see this because it is that good!

Lady NY – Dangerous (Live PA):

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