Kid Cudi – Look Up In The Stars ft. Wale

I’m a big fan of both Kid Cudi and DC’s own Wale, so I was excited to hear this and they did not dissapoint.

Look Up In The Stars, produced by Breez (A producer to keep an ear out for), the beat offers that synth-based outer space sound, futuristic and perfect for two diverse artists heralded as the future, the drum pattern reminds me of old neptunes beats, fairly simple in practice but the cleverly executed fusion of drum and keyboard sounds have a big effect, the melody is a spaceship in flight and Kid Cudi and Wale are the passengers. Kid Cudi sings the chorus (with autotune, but pulls it off nicely) and provides a verse, the verse seems standard from Cudi whilst Wale had me remembering Nas, lyrical and a flow to match that just grabs your attention as you listen to every word.

This new wave of artists have a lot to compete against but are fortunate to be allowed to be diverse and free in terms of creativity and concepts, it is refreshing to see and shows you how far Hip-Hop and music in general has come, the likes of 50 cent or Jay-Z would be laughed at if they came out singing talking about stars, Rappers like Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Lil’ Wayne have held the door (a door that I believe Pharrell Williams opened) for people like Kid Cudi, Asher Roth and Wale, allowing them to come through and be themselves, be creative and break out of stereotypes that come with a genre.

Look Up In The Stars, although may just end up as a mixtape record, is a good offering from the two bright prospects and I look forward to hearing more like this.

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2 thoughts on “Kid Cudi – Look Up In The Stars ft. Wale

  1. Yessur87 says:

    KuDi is freshhh! Can’t wait for his album out!
    Check out the “dat kid from cleveland” mixtape for the waiting (i think you can get it on Ye’ Blog )

    • faris says:

      Definitely!! Day N Nite is not his only hit, the man on the moon mixtape was seriously DOPE!!

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