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Ny – Sea Sick (Official Video)

Previewed this single a while back, I tipped it to be a hit, obviously one more catered for the females, this does not mean the song is not any good, I think Ny deserves far more recognition, her previous single Dangerous should have been a smash, but the industry works in its mysterious ways, if Dangerous was (for example) Keri Hilson’s single, it would be constantly played and praised, yet when we have someone as talented as Ny, they are just looked over.

I hope Sea Sick brings her the deserved recognition, produced by Davinche, this song could so easily be a Ne-Yo/Stargate hit, and by that I mean, it has a nice beat, it has a concept, lyrics and its overall feeling, I have to admit, Davinche surprised me with this one and that is exactly what you want from the premier producers! Ny as always sounds great, I’m surprised not she has not done many collaborations, Ny could so easily be a success stateside (like most of our scene) as she possesses all the essentials.

The song is good, make sure you spread the word and support Ny, we need more real talented people that deserve to be at the top of the charts!!

Lady Ny

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Mz Bratt – I Like You ft. Sadie Ama

The highly anticipated video for her second release is finally here:

Mz Bratt returns to our screen with another good track and video to go with it.

I Like You, featuring Sadie Ama (who proves that looks and talent run in the family), is another anthem for the ladies, so many songs about the ‘girl next door’ have been made, by women too, so here is a fresh new twist with this ‘boy next door’ number, the boy being played by everyone’s favourite bad boy (no not Diddy) rising emcee (or I should say artist) Griminal. This song has a lot of substance, Mz Bratt is being herself and it shows through her music, many female emcees feel the need to approach their music similar to the men and that leads them away from their real audience, this is not the case with Mz Bratt, this is one of the reasons (out of the long list of many) why she is so likeable. With Sadie on the feature, plus cameos by Tulisa (Ndubz) and Lady Ny, there is a strong sense of female unity, not to mention that they all are highly talented, as a whole this video has such a good vibe, it is surprisingly not just for the girls, I reckon the guys (who are not afraid) can watch and enjoy this too, plus the song is catchy and most of all, clean and light-hearted (Unlike many female emcees in the past).

Mz Bratt has impressed me so much in such a short space of time, more so because I know that she is capable of lyrically stepping up to the male emcees, however she is more about the music and fans and has been real and honest with her music, her mixtape was a good insight and I am looking forward to the album.

A truly Special woman and artist.

I Like Her..I mean, I Like You ..out soon!!

I Like Her..I mean, 'I Like You' ..out soon!!

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Lowkey & Faith SFX – Alphabetical Assasin

A concept originally heard by the self proclaimed ‘Saviour of Rap’ Papoose with Alphabetical Slaughter, UK emcee Lowkey offers his version.

With beatbox extrodinaire Faith SFX providing the platform, Lowkey stands up and delivers a lyrical onslaught as he runs through the alphabet. I like this, it is a good effort to say the least, Faith SFX’s talents are already known, one of the best if not the best at what he does, his name is known throughout the scene, his single Passion Fruit displayed his range of ability more, Lowkey is more respected underground and so he is not as widely known, however those that do know, are in no doubt of his ability and so together they offer a force to be reckoned with.

Here is the original Papoose – Alphabetical Slaughter:

Which one do you prefer?

here is a lil’ bonus for you,

Lowkey – In My Lifetime ft. Wretch 32:

Faith SFX – Passion Fruit ft. Lady NY & Maveric

Click image to visit his myspace and hear more..

Click image to visit his myspace and hear more..

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Lady Ny – Birthday Sex REMIX

The UK singer puts her own twist on the Jeremih chart-blazer that is Birthday Sex,

Firstly, the original Jeremih – Birthday Sex has become a major success for the young singer, so successful that many artists have done their remixes, including UK’s own Tinie Tempah, Wretch 32 flipped it completely with First Place Wretch, Teairra Mari’s version was so good..she pretty much made it her own, even Brooke Hogan has a remix, however, now comes another remix but a unique one.

The extremely talented and just as beautiful Lady Ny has put out what I think is the best remix so far, the best thing about this track is that she does not follow the original’s catchy flow, Tiearra Mari literally reversed the roles and sang the same lyrics as Jeremih, however, with this effort Lady Ny has written a whole new song, her voice sounding better than ever, soft and smooth yet powerful and full of feeling, one of the biggest things missing in many of today’s singers is ‘soul’, that believable feeling, that relation, the way you feel when you hear someone like Robin Thicke grace the mic or even the late and great Marvin Gaye, Lady Ny has soul in abundance as she controls the melody, creating a classic of her own.

Fáris Rating:

Her single Dangerous is OUT NOW, make sure you get that, it’s a BIG track!! (check the OneFáris review for it if you haven’t already)

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OneFáris is about entertainment, not just music.

So look out for a broader variety of reviews and exclusive interviews (look out for interviews with comedian on the rise Kevin J, super-talented Bluey Robinson, representing the ladies..Lady Ny, Roc Nation & Music Kidz artist Sef and many more..soon!)

Hope you’re all good, much Love, Respect and Peace!!


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Lady Ny – Dangerous (Video)

I reviewed this track a while back (with a little snippet) and have been waiting impatiently for the video, well here it is and what can I say?..if Lady Ny does not get the recognition and success that someone of her talent deserves after this then there is definitely something wrong!!

Like the song itself the video is dark yet sexy with a lot of impact, the song possess a certain spark and in the video that is provided by Lady Ny herself. I always a imagined a club scene video simply because of the feel that the song provides, usually a good song ends up having an average video but in this case, the director did Dangerous justice, maintaining a good balance between the audio and visual, certain shots show a deliberate push for sex appeal, however, they fit with the video well, whilst the special effects help emphasize the scene complimented by Ny’s acting.

It is no secret that I really like the song, now though, I like the video as well. Lady Ny has a voice that matches her outer beauty and with Dangerous must surely have a hit on her hands.

Fáris’ Rating:

I’m feeling generous today, or maybe I just think that you all should see this because it is that good!

Lady NY – Dangerous (Live PA):

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Lady Ny – Dangerous

Lady Ny has been consistent within the scene, with a voice to match her looks, she fits the word beautiful just right.

She is back, and with a banger, the track ‘Dangerous’ will be available for you all to hear soon and take my word for it, it is a hit.

Lady Ny – DANGEROUS (Exclusive Snippet)

Dangerous is catchy to say the least, it’s a fusion of sounds that can be labeled in multi-genres. “I’m about to explode, I’m Dangerous”, Lady Ny’s voice is smooth as ever and combined with the production, it really has an edge to it, it is urban but it’s easy listening values mean it could so easily be lighting up the charts, given the right promotion this could be a big hit for Lady Ny (She does deserve it).

Production wise, ‘Dangerous’ possess the funky house vibe that is currently blazing the country, you can’t help but to move to it, when this comes on in the clubs, even those that cannot dance will be moving someway or another. Obviously a voice for the Ladies, Lady Ny has a strong vocal presence on this song and it is such a feel good song that it really does have the power to break down any barriers, So the male audience can appreciate this as much as the ladies.

“Does it have to be, Something that I see, Or can I feel it..I’ll be just fine, and Do you even know..anything at all, What I’m thinking deeply down inside”

Keep an ear out for Lady Ny and this sure hit, I’ll be back with the track soon.

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