G-FrSH – Afar ft. Tinie Tempah

G-FrSh returns with the follow up to the club anthem Do It, with Afar, featuring none other than Tinie Tempah, Afar is set to be another hit for G and Frsh Entertainment, the video is coming soon, directed by Jak Frsh so you already know it is going to be something special.

Afar (produced by ‘Sleepz’) is a mid-tempo track, the drum pattern is unique in the way it varies in speed and sound yet fits perfectly together, the real pace of the track is added by the synth, a wavy blend of sounds, the synth remains consistent yet the intensity of it changes which adds depth to the song, throw in some spacey sounds in the right places and you have one of the most innovative and versatile beat I’ve heard in a while.

G-FrSH goes in from the first line,
Some Say I’m Shy, Other People Call It Nervous, Some Say I’m Fly..And I’m Doin’ It On Purpose“,
controlling the tempo smoothly as he continues,
‘Cos She Knows I’m That Guy, And She Knows Who I Are, I’m Sippin’ On My Drink And I’m Just Watchin’ From Afar, I Watch Her While She Laughs, I Watch Her When She Dance, The DJs Playin’ Funky But She Got Me In A Trance..“,
with a greater presence on a track than I have heard from him and G-FrSH is someone who (to me) always had presence and stood out on a song, so it just highlights even more so the improvement he has made in his career as a rapper.

Tinie Tempah has one of the most consistent verses you will have heard in a long time, so good that I’m spoilt for choice as to which line was the best one, definitely a good feature on this hit and even takes it to another level in terms of it’s appeal to a broader range of fans.

Afar is certainly another hit for G-FrSH and FrSH entertainment who continue to deliver quality whether it is with their music, their standard of videos or the FrSH clothing line. After hearing this track, I can’t wait to hear more from the album.

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