Bluey Robinson – I Know

The ultra-talented singer blesses us with his first single ‘I Know’.

‘I Know’ like the singer himself has been gaining a lot of interest, unique in sound it fits a selection of genres, but whatever the genre…one thing for sure is that it sounds great! Bluey Robinson has a summer smash, whether the skies are grey or the suns shining bright, this song sounds just as good and I expect to see it help promote Bluey Robinson further into the spotlight a man of his talent deserves.

The UK is not short of talent, that is for sure and Bluey Robinson is one of the most vocally gifted artists in this country with ‘I Know’ serving as proof. The production helps the track standout amongst anything else you’ll hear, the combination of synths layered on the varying drum pattern give ‘I Know’ a strong balance with Bluey’s vocal range.

“I would put a smile, on that pretty face, whatever it takes girl..I will find a way”

‘I Know’ is a showcase of Bluey’s ability as well as an official introduction, Ladies & Gentlemen, Bluey Robinson.

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A little bonus for you, ‘Bluey dans Paris’:

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