Mr Hudson – Anyone But Him ft. Kanye West

As the GOOD Music (Kanye’s label) artist’s new single Supernova (featuring Kanye West) continues to rise in the charts, his potential next single leaks and this one has a mixed review.

Anyone But Him ft. Kanye West, is something really different if comparing to current songs, however, using sounds used today the track manages to stay relevant, the arrangement is unorthadox, similar to Supernova and previous (pre-Good music) releases from Mr Hudson, Kanye’s verse is not the best but then it isn’t his worst either, this would make a good mixtape track, or require a bit of work and a better video than Supernova to really push it as a single. As easy as it is to critisize this song, I have to mention that it’s creativity and innovative factor is really inspiring, to create something that is not generic, something that does not sound like everything else being made and played on radio and TV, to create somthing unique, for the love of music not for the sake of quick fame/money.

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