Kenna – Say Goodbye To Love

With the Neptunes (Pharrell Williams & Chad Hugo) set to make another major impact with their up-coming projects, I found myself listening to old Neptunes productions, seeing (Yes, I see sounds) the transitions they made, the change of styles. So I began posting the best vids on my facebook fansite, then I got to this track and I felt that it deserved a review.

I prefer the remix featuring Lupe Fiasco, however, this video is too crazy to not show you all. Hype Williams behind the camera so obviously you expect something special and in some strange way it actually is. Different is the word that comes to mind, the visuals, the angles, it appears random yet fits the concept perfectly.

The track itself, produced obviously by the Neptunes, for such a topic it is really upbeat, ‘Say Goodbye To Love’ has Kenna singing about his pain as he turns his back on a unsuccessful relationship, this has to be the best song to get back up from a ‘love’ knock-down (before Kanye West – Love Lockdown)..”You Choooooose”

The arrangement is the key here, the way the sounds are placed and layered, it just has that up-tempo party vibe, although the content is not, placed with the well-crafted video you can understand the message and feeling being put across.

A classic song is always one that is so good it can break a genre-barrier, this song happens to do so, not greatly, but just by Kenna assisted with the Neptunes’ virsatility alone, Say Goodbye To Love manages to stand out.

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Kenna – Say Goodbye To Love (Remix) ft. Lupe Fiasco:

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