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Whatever The Fuck This Is – Volume 1

“Some sort of visual magazine, featuring some talented people.”

A new non-narrative visual magazine, blending all sorts, inspiration, music, artists and skaters to check for. Volume 1, out now! Check it out, hopefully you fuck with it, if so, Subscribe to the channel and all that good stuff.



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Saskilla – Godson 1.5 EP

“Ooh Ahh Saskilla”

The Greenborough legend (word to Tinie Tempah), Saskilla could be considered a pioneer, when we look back at the classic and definitive Grime anthems, Gash By The Hour is definitely in there. Since, he has given us sound upon sound, style upon style, to most recently, where has working heavily behind the scenes to push the culture forward. He’s definitely playing his part in laying the foundation.

And so he returns to the forefront, with Godson 1.5

The 5 track EP, providing an insight into Saskilla’s evolution as an artist. In an effort to further establish the British perspective, he kicks things off with something very British and relevant to the scene, JD Bag. It’s a great mural of past and present as spins through the production, bringing you up to date. A standout track possibly, Nuttin Like Us, featuring Lady Leshurr & Big Narstie, it has the feel of the ol’ days, but it’s a very current track, with all three delivering on their verses. In regards to his work behind the scenes, the next track is evidence of that, as he enlists the features of Maybach Music Group’s Gunplay and the Bawse himself, Rick Ross, for the DJ Cameo exclusive, also featuring Scruffizzer. Solomons Temple, a track that will definitely go off live, before finishing up with Fam, with verses from Canadian Tre Mission and the legend, Wiley.

Saskilla hasn’t missed a beat when it comes to the music, as ever a component of Grime, he’s certainly someone who has his finger on the pulse, as he looks to elevate the sound higher.


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A-List – Midnight Lover

If you have not heard already, A-List is the new UK ‘super’ group created by and featuring Wiley, along side Mz Bratt, J2K, Wrigley, Shola Ama, Brazen, Kivanc & Sadie Ama.

There is a lot of hype surrounding the project, Wiley himself has high hopes and tipped the group for huge success in the coming future, here is the first single from their project:

A-List – Midnight Lover:

After a few listens, I still have the same opinion, i reckon with the right video and marketing this could meet the expectations set by Wiley himself, the stand out for me is the chorus, Wiley creates the perfect urban-mainstream cross over chorus, it has an urban foundation with its lyrics and delivery, however its layout and tone offers a mainstream impact, incredibly infectious, it is the single’s strongest point. In all honesty, the verses did not impress me amazingly, however Wrigley’s verse has already caught on, as will the rest i’m sure, another strong point is the variation in vocals, delivery and styles, it offers the song much needed depth. With the right support this could be the start of something special.

I respect Wiley’s initiative to create something new and refreshing amonst the scene, as somebody who thrives on breaking stereotypes and pushing quality music to a larger audience that it deserves, I can see the benefits of this project if executed correctly.

Expect a lot more from Wiley & A-List as the UK urban scene continues to elevate to newer hights.

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Wiley – Take That (Official Video)

The track has been heavily rotated on radio and the video is doing the same on TV, having already gathered over 150,000 views of one video alone (there is this particular one which is taken from Wiley’s own Youtube channel, there are then two more videos courtesy of Universal and Island records’ Youtube channels).

The unique production is courtest of Chew Fu, who fuses Electro, Drum & Bass and Grime to create an edgy up-tempo platform for Wiley to step up a level, Wiley sounds as comfortable and in his zone as ever, Wiley’s lyrical delivery is Grime, sounding like he has a point to prove, whereas the structure itself is more suited for a commercial audience. A clever anthem, as well as a much needed approval to end the year with after this years chart domination from fellow Grime rooted artists Dizzee Rascal, Tinchy Stryder (who makes a cameo as Wiley refers to stryderman in the song) and Chipmunk, Wiley is more than an emcee, he has created a legacy in regards to UK urban music, with many strongly beleiving that Wiley should have been where Dizzee Rascal is a long time ago, however everything happens for a reason, each artist has their position, While Dizzee Rascal plays his role in diluting if not ending stereotypes, Wiley has helped build a large family of talent, continously bringing through new artists, such as recent Number 1 chart topper..Chipmunk, Tinchy Stryder has always been tipped for success by Wiley himself, therefore I beleive many do not give Wiley the respect and acknowledgement he deserves, those who feel that he has fallen off, should listen to the lyrics clearly as he is speaking to you.

Wiley has stepped up the work rate and this is the first single from his forthcoming album, he has a new record deal, a new motivation it seems and definitely expect quality new music for a man who will forever be known as a pioneer in defining a sound that the UK can call their own.

The video, like the song is unique, it is has a dark essence to it whilst mixing lighting and colour to maximize effect and emphasis, the effects work well and overall Take That possesses an epic element, a track certainly deserving of support especially from the UK, if this record makes it to number 1, it will bridge the success of this year with the success to come in the next one.

Wiley - Take That ..Available to purchase December 28th!!

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Wiley – 5am ft. Scorcher (Produced by Jake Gosling)

This was an early morning anthem for me.


This is my favourite track from Wiley’s mainstream release ‘See Clear Now’.

It is something different from Wiley but different is expected on this album as it is his far more commercial sounding compilation, although this track possesses a mainstream feel with a Grime centre, the core of the song is the presence of both Wiley and Scorcher, Their concept of the ‘hardworking’, whether on the street struggling to make ends meet or working a 9-5 plus overtime is emphasised with their real determination and desires, most evident with Scorcher who despite his talents is yet to be embraced by the mainstream, make this a late release accompanied by a video directed by Scorcher himself (he is now directing as part of his Staple House productions) and this could get a look from the mainstream, some conversation even if not a hug. Although Scorcher’s verse is short for my liking, it is quality, “5am and I can’t sleep, It’s been the same for the past week”, he displays all his qualities as an artist in a verse that took him five minutes to create (without even writing anything down!). Jake Gosling creates an emotion-filled composition, from the sounds chosen for the kick, to the arrangement of the overlapping melodies, combined with the contrasting vocals on the chorus, he creates a classic sounding instrumental on which both emcees do justice. Wiley sounds like a man in power, his belief of his position in the scene is evident in his tone and in the confidence and assurance with which he delivers his verse, his flow is serious which helps get his message across, he captures your attention which provides good variety as Scorcher brings you along to a moment in his life, providing a lyrical image, this keeps the song consistance and prevents it from being repetetive.

5am has a lot of potential, just like producer Jake Gosling who will no doubt receive the accolades he deserves if he continues to create such brilliance, Scorcher’s talents are ever present and it is only a matter of time before he gets his due credit, collaborations such as this will no doubt help, continuing to help the scene progress Wiley at times seems like he can do no wrong, a great track from a great album, especially if you find yourself working/hustling/grinding at 5am.

Wiley - See Clear Now ..OUT NOW!!

Wiley – See Clear Now ..OUT NOW!!

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Little Dee – Once In A Blue

South London emcee Little Dee is back in a big way with his new effort ‘Once In A Blue’.

Two tracks which I think show how far he has come since his feature on Wiley – My Mistakes are Electric Love and Once In A Blue.

Electric Love ft. Wiley:

Electric Love, which samples The Dream – Falsetto, lays the rose petals down for Little Dee to get lyrically romantic, the verses are the best part of the song, heavy weight feature with Wiley on the hook, however the chorus could be better, still it helps the verses stand out, over all this is a good track from Little Dee who appears to improve every time I hear him.

Fáris Rating:

Once In A Blue:

I like this a lot, Little Dee has always been a good storyteller with his rhymes and Once In A Blue is proof, as he brings you into his life through his mind. The beat is a mellow instrumental that helps create a soulful atmosphere as Little Dee shares his emotion.

Fáris Rating:

Little Dee - Once In A Blue ..OUT NOW!!

Little Dee - Once In A Blue ..OUT NOW!!

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With a line up being called the England 10, Wiley returns to take some of the Grime scene’s finest back up with him.

The England 10 consists of J2K, Wrigley, Ice-Kid, Wretch 32, Ghetts, Bashy, Scorcher, Chipmunk & Griminal, 9 of the 10 are established artists, Wrigley is a new addition, representing Manchester (Wrigley is actually flying the flag for every artist outside of the London) and has one of the standout verses, J2K returns to the scene with his Wake Up EP and brings his witty flow to this up-tempo hit, Ice-Kid was always considered the future of Grime and so he brings that talent and charisma to the table with this verse, Wretch 32 is one of the best (if not the best) lyricist in the country (his previous album Wretchrospective is a OneFáris Classic), he provides a mature verse, Ghetts is in everybodies Top 3 artists and does not dissapoint, Bashy provides the comical verse, Scorcher (who also directed the video) gives a more fun, feel-good flow, Chipmunk provides yet another confident verse whilst Griminal scores the goal with his verse which is all about the vibe, the video represents this, you can see how everyone is getting along and enjoying themselves, most definitely a club banger and a big part of Grime history, UK music history even as these artists come together to make their mark, extremely unselfish of Wiley.

Artists have begun to understand that coming together and collaborating is what helps elevate the scene further, so expect to see more artists working together creating quality music.

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Bless Beats – The Rain ft. Charlie Brown & Wiley

This track has been around for a bit, already played on most radio stations, created by Bless Beats, one of the most promising producers from the UK, having produced the smash Wearing My Rolex for Wiley, this track sees the Bow emcee return the favour along side newcomer Charlie Brown.

The track is a mid-tempo cross-over, it could be considered Grime, but then Charlie Brown’s unique soulful flavour takes it to a more Pop/R&B surrounding. Bless Beats choice of sounds justifies his ‘Alien music’ style, the real magic of this song is the fusion of both Wiley and Charlie Brown’s different styles onto one beat.

I’m a big fan of Charlie Brown, as he represents real music, unique and distinct, his voice separates him from others. To see him dominate the video is a plus point, definitely a good look for him and an unselfish manouvre by Bless Beats, a man who has let his music do the talking throughout his successful career thus far. Wiley unfortunately does not make an appearance in the video, however, “Can Rihanna come and save me from the rain”, as Charlie Brown’s love interest leaves, what seems like Rihanna (the tattoos are the biggest clue) comes into his life courtesy of Bless himself, if it is really her or not we will have to wait and see but it is a really good touch to the video.

A good video for a great song, The Rain will no doubt be another successful track for Bless Beats whilst elevating Charlie Brown to greater a heights.

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Wise words of wisdom with Megaman (So Solid)

With artists like Dizzee Rascal, Tinchy Stryder, Wiley and Chipmunk dominating the charts, the urban scenes are buzzing as more doors are opened, at the same time I think people should understand the originators, the pioneers who first turned that door handle, such as More Fire and before that, probably the biggest urban movement in the UK, the So Solid Crew.

During a recent video shoot, I had a chat with Megaman, who humble as ever explained his dream, desire and dedication, a man who has accomplished so much in terms of music and business, I felt it was only right that we share more wise words of wisdom from the So Solid captain himself (Along with Ozzie B).

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