After the success of ‘Always Strapped’, Cash Money boss Birdman aka Baby returns to the charts with his new record featuring Jay Sean.

Personally this sounds more like a Jay Sean record, I’ve grown up listening to Cash Money and never envisioned this, then again I did not expect to hear a Lil’ Wayne rock album, so anything is possible in music these days. The track is not bad, Birdman who (like Lil’ Wayne) is covered in tattoos, obviously had no trouble in finding inspiration for this song, Written On Her is about a girl with tattoos hence the title ‘Written On Her’, Jay Sean is added to the equation to smoothen the mix and it strangely all works, here you have this up-tempo track, which will go down well in the clubs as it would among your friends, it sounds different, the concept is new, Written On Her has a lot of appeal and was not made to make a big impact on the world, it is a feel good track taken from his forthcoming album ‘Always Strapped’, this is one of the softer tracks from the album but definitely expect more good music from Cash Money and Jay Sean.

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Birdman ready to sign another artist?

Birdman ready to sign another artist?

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