THY MARYAN ..Update!!


If you have not read the ‘Thy Maryan – Energize’ Review then make sure you check it out, if you already have then you might be pleased to know that Thy is currently in talks with major record label EMI regarding a possible deal, fingers crossed they will support him and his talent because he is one of the best producers (worldwide), his style is diverse, you can hear a track and not know whether he produced it or not, however one thing for sure is, if it is a good will assume it is Thy Maryan.

The FrSH entertainment producer, who produced the banger G-FrSH – URGH, has many more hits such as Energize waiting to be unleashed for our audio pleasure, so keep your ears out for his production and your eyes out for his name as he will no doubt be behind a future favourite of yours.

Click image for FREE download: G-FrSH - URGH

Click image for FREE download: G-FrSH - URGH


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