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G-FrSH – Falling High ft. Sonny Reeves

“Paid So Many Dues, I Must Have Credit”

Trust it to be G that brought me back out the hiatus. Truth is, substance has lacked heavily in today’s scene, with only a handful of music that stands out (those reviews are on the way). I have been wanting to review this from when the audio was uploaded to Soundcloud, but this is G-FrSH we’re talking about, so it was only right to wait for the video.

G’s emergence was down to quality music, his respect as a lyricist can be attributed to various freestyles and features, but in a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ industry, it was his passion for the craft that kept him consistent. His talent, evident as always, at times was overshadowed by some of the more commercial outlets, and their choice of content, meaning there was a detachment between artist and audience. However, hustler by nature, he supplied to the demand that Legoman created, with a handful of projects, and there are still records in the vault that would sound just as frsh.

“Floating, I’m Floating On A Dream, ‘Cos I’m Falling High, I’m Falling High..”

The smooth vocals of newcomer Sonny Reeves, may not be the generic uptempo club smash chorus that seems to be the trend, but rather takes you to a more closer and personal world, without sounding like a reach or a crossover attempt, a great example of the versatility that G (so effortlessly) brings to the game. Falling High, reminds me (in feeling) of his track Tears (ft. Bluey Robinson & Tania Foster), it has that honest essence, a more introspective portrayal of his current position and mindset within his career thus far. “I Swear I Got It, I Don’t Get Why They Don’t Get It, I Been Goin’ In For So Long..Maybe I Should Find An Exit”. The song can be interpreted in many ways, which allows it to resonate with people individually (a sign of a good record). It’s easy listening at it’s finest, with a strong core of substance, it does not need an overflow of metaphors & punchlines, “..Where Alcohol And Endo, See UThrough Our Pane (Pain) Like Windows”. It is self-expressive, and genuinely refreshing to hear.

It’s almost as if it is a behind the scenes record, even the visual, again..not a reach or out of his comfort zone, with James Partridge brilliantly executing the mood of the song, it fits within his previous work, yet like the record, it’s own authenticity projects through, in an almost minimalist concept. With his forthcoming Alfie EP on the way, it certainly seems set up for a more mature feel, especially with Falling High being the first release, which is great for music, and really shows his artistry, further separating him from the average rapper.

Artwork by Funny Tummy



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THY MARYAN ..Update!!


If you have not read the ‘Thy Maryan – Energize’ Review then make sure you check it out, if you already have then you might be pleased to know that Thy is currently in talks with major record label EMI regarding a possible deal, fingers crossed they will support him and his talent because he is one of the best producers (worldwide), his style is diverse, you can hear a track and not know whether he produced it or not, however one thing for sure is, if it is a good production..you will assume it is Thy Maryan.

The FrSH entertainment producer, who produced the banger G-FrSH – URGH, has many more hits such as Energize waiting to be unleashed for our audio pleasure, so keep your ears out for his production and your eyes out for his name as he will no doubt be behind a future favourite of yours.

Click image for FREE download: G-FrSH - URGH

Click image for FREE download: G-FrSH - URGH


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Thy Maryan – Energize

I am excited to present this one to you, this is the official place to hear the exclusive ‘Energize’, Thy Maryan is an up and coming producer, most known for producing for G-FrSH (tracks such as Do It and Urgh).

As artists struggle to breakthrough in this country, we forget that producers too face similar difficulties, seriously a producer of Thy Maryan’s ability should be far more in demand and recognizable than he currently is, his versatility means his level of creativity has no boundaries, all his songs will not sound the same, but one thing is for sure..they will sound good.

Energize, an up-tempo number, with chart climbing potential, Thy’s arrangement of the pacey melody blends nicely with the varying beat pattern, these variations help keep the track flowing (allowing this kind of variation prevents the track from becoming repetative), as the focus remains on Thy Maryan it would not be fair to comment on the vocals, although I will bring you more on that soon. Thy Maryan for me is one those producers who understands music and understands the fine line between making what they (the producer) like and what the audiences like to hear, that understanding allows him to create something like Energize, a track that conforms to what the audience likes to hear yet stands out as unique, like a pair of Nike iDs, the shape is the same, but the colour, contrast and detail is one of a kind, That is what Thy Maryan brings to producing with Energize to add to his collection.

Without a doubt, Thy Maryan possesses the ability to be one of the most successful producers from the UK, with a sound that appeals to a global audience, expect to read more reviews as I expect to hear more hits from the FrSH producer.

Fáris Rating:

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This is pretty much the UK equivalent to Clipse – Grindin’ in terms of the beat and concept, The way Clipse fit to a Neptunes beat (With Pharrell knowing how to bring the best out of them), likewise Thy Maryan creates the perfect platform for G-FrSH to preach from.

‘URGH’ can only be described with words like ‘dope’, ‘gully’, ‘grimey’, ‘heavy’ and so on. It is a crazy piece of production from who else but Thy Maryan (Wretch 32 – Superhero), This beat is so good that its difficult to describe it, the feeling and vibe it gives off, it’s a ‘dark’ beat, but possesses moments of light which constrast well, the beat tells a story itself with G-FrSH adding more colour and flair to the composition.

At the moment G-FrSH (who has always been a favourite of mine) is my artist of the moment, the lyrics, style and flow combined produce smart and entertaining rhymes, “When They See Me They Applaud Me, Cos’ I’m About My Paper Like Trees..So Real N****s Root For Me“.

G-FrSH is not just your regular rapper, he is a business man, a mastermind behind the successful FrSH enterprise, with his own company and clothing line, a talented artist and above all an inspiration for many.

Fáris Rating:
8/10 (almost a 9, the beat is THAT good)


Click logo to visit official site

Click logo to visit official site

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Wretch 32 – Ina Di Ghetto ft. Badness & Ghetts

Taken from my album of 2008, Wretchrospective, I still say this song is underrated, i still feel that Wretch 32 and this song did not get the recognition it deserves.

When i first saw the video I was like “it could be so much better”, but then as you watch it a few more times, like Wretch’s lyrics, sometimes the real meaning can go over your head, directed by Jack Frsh (The guys at Frsh are setting the standards), The video shows the harsh lives, we feel that it is tough growing up in certain parts of England, we have it far better than those who really live in poverty, we have the luxuries that they can only dream of.

Back to the track, Ina Di Ghetto, produced by Maniac is a demon of a beat, I still remember the first time I heard it, it was just a snippet and that snippet ended up being on repeat!

Wretch 32 as always, on point with his lyrics and delivery, “Cah everyones big wit hard-weight, now everyone thinks they’re scarface, it gets fizzy when they’re plans evoke, and they end up in the can for coke..i hope they 7-up”, when I heard that, I went back a few times like “Did he actually say that?”, the whole track is full of metaphors that only someone of Wretch 32’s calibur can create.

Badness adds more than just a hook, he brings in a whole new dimension to the track and it would not have the same effect without him, the next feature is probably Grime’s underground King, Ghetts (Formerly known as Ghetto), Wretch is not wrong when he says “I’m in the ghetto like Justin’s Yard, matter fact..Justin’s Heart”, I think it was only right to have Ghetts feature, “I been up since the crack of dawn, I ain’t Aaliyah but i’m back and forth, and even wit the heat by my side somehow i still manage to catch cold..”, You take one of the best beats in the country, put two of the best artists to ever come out of the country and what do you expect, like the album, Ina Di Ghetto is a classic, I still hold hope for a remix with the likes of Scorcher, Calibur and Giggs, but that’s just a fans dream i guess. In the mean time reality is tough and like the song hits hard.

Make you check out more of Wretch 32’s material if you’re not familiar with him already.

the classic album Wretchrospective is in stores now!

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